Wicker Furniture Care And Maintenance Tips

Wicker Furniture CareWicker furnishing looks really stylish whether you have them indoors or get them laid out on your patio during the in-house parties. The best part is that these are pretty durable and cost-effective. However, wicker furniture calls for some simple yet must-to-follow care tips which you should follow to ensure good life for your wicker collection. The article below lays down some essential wicker furnishing care & maintenance tips.

Regular dusting

This is really important if you have wicker furniture at home. You must know that the very open-weave pattern on wicker arrangements is quick to catch dust and dirt –hence you should carry on a dusting routine everyday. Feather dusters would work well. But if you are not into daily dusting, you are going to need a vacuum cleaning for extensive cleaning. It’s advised that you opt for weatherproof cushions to cover the base and back of the wicker pieces.

Strong cleaning

If you have got the wicker chairs and sofas laid outside for long, you must make sure to get a strong cleaning solution for them. Mix ammonia (2 tablespoon) or some strong cleaning detergent with water (one gallon) for the solution. Now, dampen a clean rag in your solution & use it to wipe up the wicker set. Rinse the furniture thoroughly. Post rinse, you have to dry up the wicker pieces with a clean dry towel. Remember to take them away from sunlight for 2-3 days and only bring back when the arrangements have dried thoroughly.

Keep away from humidity and moisture

Moisture and humidity are dangerous for wicker furniture leading to the menacing growth of mold and mildew on the chairs and sofas. Thus, if you use the wicker furniture outside, you must make sure to get them inside during the winter snowfall and rainy season.

Home Decor with picture frames

Home Decor with picture framesChanging your home’s decoration can be a long expensive process, but a new easy and affordable way is fast becoming extremely popular as far as decorating houses are concerned, This is using picture frames to jazz up any room in your house. Picture frames come in different sizes, colours and styles and a variety of these in your rooms can make them look much more appealing. Below are a few tips on how you can make use of picture frames to add zing to your home decor.

Collage Frames: This has become a bit of a trend in the recent past because of its ability to match any kind of home, be it contemporary or traditional. The pictures can be scattered or fit together like a puzzle. You can create it on your own or even go for premade collage frames. The premade ones generally come in black or wood shades and compliment a living room or a master bedroom brilliantly.

Large Frame Mural: Another innovative idea is purchasing big frames and added pictures that go by a particular theme. Large square frames can be found in most department stores and they simply need to be hung up despite their huge size. Works best for a themed room, or even for a children’s room where you can slip in pictures of your child’s favourite things such as animals, places, hobbies, people, etc.

Frame Shelf: You do not always have to hang up your frames, you can make a small shelf for only organized picture frames. Put the bigger sized frames on the topmost shelf, and then put smaller frames on the lower shelves. Put some flowers to decorate it, and you have for yourself a lovely looking shelf for your contemporary living room.
Design Refrigerators: Bored of having magnets on your fridge? Put up small picture frames for an innovative look. Just some easy glue on the back of the frame, and your fridge picture frames are ready.
So take the old albums out and start decorating.

Best Choices for Bed Sheets

Bed SheetsThe bed in the room is the most important place that makes you feel relaxed and comforts you so that you can come out of the exhaustion and tiredness that you have from the days long, hard work. So it is very important that your bedroom is a perfect place for your resting purpose. This can be done only if you keep your room clean and healthy, with proper bed sheets and ventilation. Thus choosing the right kind of bed sheets is very essential.

Bed sheets of cotton fabric are the most popular in use. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. There is another kind which has cotton blend in it. A mix of cotton and polyester are more durable than just polyester bed sheets. Egyptian cotton is also very much in use. It is grown on the sides of River Nile and is very well known for producing high quality cotton which is of long staple type. It is durable and breathable and gives you a silky feeling. Bamboo bed sheets are made from the grass of bamboo. It is resistant from bacteria. Ones suffering from allergies can use it very well. It can be a green alternative to traditional cotton bed sheets as they can grow quickly and does not require much water or fertilizers to grow. They are quite soft with a feeling of silk touch.

Flannel is another option for the fabric that you can go for. Percale is smooth and a breathable bed sheet that you might want to buy. Modal is made from the pulp of beech trees which turn out to be quite similar to cotton. Italian Lenin is made from one of the finest cotton in the world which is why it is expensive and considered as a luxury item.

Is Waterproofing Essential for Your Bathroom?

Waterproofing for bathroomBuying a new house and decorating it is not the only thing that you have to be concerned with. You as a homeowner have to ensure that your house remains new and in a durable condition at all times. Maintenance of your house must be done appropriately and you might have to engage in tedious maintenance processes. In order to ensure that the value of your home remains high in the future, you have to take proper care of it. All the rooms in your home must be appropriately taken care of especially your bathrooms.

Bathroom is the room in which most of the moisture and water accumulates. As you know moisture has the capability of causing a lot of problems in your bathroom namely mildew and mold. Mildew and mold can spread lots of diseases among your family. Thus it is advised that you keep your bathroom clean and prevent the growth of mold or mildew efficiently. The best way to tackle with the problem of mold is waterproofing your bathroom.

Mold will grow in any dark and moist place that is present in your bathroom. It will keep multiplying unless it is killed permanently. Getting rid of mold is a highly expensive process. Therefore you must waterproof your bathroom the moment you design or re-design it to avoid the problem of mold or mildew.

There are waterproofing agencies and professionals that are experienced in the field of waterproofing. So you should hire these agencies in order to make sure that the waterproofing of your bathroom is done effectively. Try to get hold of reliable companies that offer waterproofing services so that your bathroom becomes completely protected against mold and its related problems.

Once your bathroom is waterproofed, you will not have to worry about its maintenance at all times. Be assured that you will never regret if you waterproof your bathroom efficiently.

How to do up a small living room?

small living roomAre you planning to beautify your living room but worried on space constrictions? Space is a major issue these days in most of the condos- but don’t worry as there are some proven tricks that can help you to come up with a beautiful living room. Your living chamber is the place to relax which might also double as the party hub during your private in-house parties. Thus, it’s important that you take care of the room for an inviting ambience. The post here describes how to do up a small living room.

Let’s start with the paint. When space is an issue, its better you stick to neutral or lighter shades. The dark shades can make your room appear smaller while the lighter tones are perfect to create the desired spacious feel. You can take to mint green or blue here- butterscotch would be a viable option as well. The idea is to have a color that is neither drab nor too bright. Hang a mirror on the wall as mirrors too can lead to a spacious illusion. Apart from the mirror, keep the walls as much free as possible since otherwise you would end up looking messy. If the walls are looking too bare, a small collage of your favorite snaps would fit the bill.

In regards to furniture, do not get any coffee or center table in your small living room. The living space is meant for an informal time and thus it’s better if you throw bean bags in. Futon bed would be a nice option as well. You can arrange for dual functional chairs which will double up as good storage options. Proper storage is significant for a clean look inside the room as a messy and cluttered appearance will only make the room dingy and repelling.

Home Spring-Cleaning: Closet Organization

Closet cleaning, home improvementSpring-cleaning is a must for all homes but oddly, most of us tend to skip that step. After long winters and gloomy monsoons and autumns, spring finally seeps in through the nooks and crannies of our homes to bring in newfound freshness and brightness. So why not equip your house to welcome this wonderful season?

First of all, go for your closet. Pack up those leg warmers, overcoats, and gloves. Sweaters, ponchos, scarves and monkey caps can take a backseat now that spring is here. It’s time to take out that dusty trunk and replace the closet with pretty summer and spring clothes like dresses, hats and bikinis and store away your clothes neatly in the trunk. But make sure you wash all winter clothes and dry them well before storing them. Make space for sandals, flip flops and wedge heels as spring is here to shine!

Siding material options for your home

Exterior siding, home renovationWhen you are renovating your home or building a new one, then siding is one thing which you should seriously consider for the exterior of your home. And for this you have to consider the best material, location and designing for the house.

Siding is given importance due to the fact that it protects the house in the best way possible. With an efficient siding for the house, you are ensured to have a house which is protected from the hazards of nature like extra heat, rain and stormy winds. Therefore it goes without saying that the siding material has to be extra strong and durable. Since the cost of siding is a costly procedure, it is advised to have a good siding at once for a lifetime.
The styling of your house could naturally add a design to the styling. When it comes to the material, it is vinyl which is strongly advised for usage. this material is versatile, can be painted and also lasts long.

How to draw good chi in your home

home decor, home improvementChi implies energy in Chinese. According to Sino beliefs, good chi is necessary to ensure order, goodness and harmony in home. Here are certain tips to draw and maintain good chi in your haven.

First of all, you have to keep your spick and span always. A cluttered home will hinder the free flow of chi resulting in negative energy. So, keep your rooms clean and clutter free with everything in order so that the chi can move in freely. This is mostly important in case of your entryway as this is from where the chi will enter your home.
The Feng Shui experts also advise to place a water filled vessel somewhere at the center of your home. This will work to magnet positive chi. A rectangular or square shaped house would be ideal to assure positive chi in home. However, in case of L or U shaped homes, a garden or water fountain would help.

About UV Reactive Glow Wall Paints

wall paints, paintsDo you want to give your bachelor’s pad a whacky look? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you can try the UV reactive glow wall paints. These wall paints will allow you to get creative but if you do not want to go overboard with it, then you can experiment with this wall paint only in one room of your apartment.

As the name suggests, the UV reactive glow wall paints will glow in the dark. However, you will have to make use of certain lights to ensure that the wall paint glows. These lights are UV touches, UV party lights, special energy efficient fluorescent globe and also black light blue and black light fluorescent tubes. The most common colors in which these paints are available include UB blue, UV green, UV lime, UV orange, UV magenta, UV yellow, UV red, UV pink and UV violet. All these paints are non toxic.

What are the benefits of rubber flooring?

rubber flooring, flooring optionRubber flooring comes with a horde of advantages. The post below highlights on the many plus points of taking to rubber based flooring option.
The first part is that rubber flooring is highly durable and thus a perfect fit for the high-traffic areas like commercial apartments or your drawing and living rooms. This form of flooring could last for minimum 15 years. Then, rubber flooring is very easy on maintenance. Rubber flooring is dirt repellant, stain resistant and resistant to the chemicals as well. You would just need to take up a basic maintenance regime with clean warm water & a mop.

Rubber flooring helps is great sound reduction as well. Many homeowners install the rubber based flooring below wooden flooring to get extra cushioning & sound reduction benefits. Then, rubber is resilient and soft and a fantastic shock absorber and hence would be a safe flooring option for you.