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Painting over Existing Wallpaper

nullFor those redecorating their homes and looking for tips to paint over their existing wallpaper, this is the place to be. Before you begin painting on your wallpaper, it is important to repair the damage areas. These include ripped, loose or damp sections and places with air bubbles underneath the wallpaper.

You can fix these easily with some glue or joint compound mix that should be applied on the seam of the wallpaper or on the entire surface in case your wallpaper is textured. This will give an even finish to the surface.

Leave the surface to dry, following which you need to smoothen it out by using a sand paper. Thereafter, you can start painting on your wallpaper, lest it is dark colored. In that case, you need to first apply a sealer that will prevent the wallpaper color to be visible through the paint. It is best to choose a high quality house paint to ensure its longevity.