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Vanity Mirrors for Your Guestroom

nullIf you are looking for ways to spruce up your guest room, adding vanity mirrors to them can be a very good idea. Vanity mirrors are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes and you will not face much difficulty in finding one that complements the décor of the room you are planning to place it in.

You can give a special touch to your guest room by placing a vanity mirror in it that has an antique gold or silver finish. You can select from various designs and lighted and non-lighted varieties to get a perfect vanity mirror for your guest room.

You can also buy a more functional type of mirror for your guestroom, which has three sides hinged together and that can be moved by the user to get different views. Some of the full length vanity mirrors come with matching seats as well.

How to Hang Decorative Wall Mirrors

nullUsing decorative wall mirrors is one of the easiest ways to enhance the beauty of a room and to push up its style quotient. It is best to hang decorative wall mirrors opposite a light source – be it nature or artificial – so that the room appears brighter and more appealing. Hanging different sized decorative wall mirrors can also help in creating drama. However, to ensure their correct placement, mark the place you want to hang the mirror with a pencil along with the placement of the mirror hanger.

Locate the wooden stud behind the hanger mark and drill a hole with an electric screwdriver. Next, screw a wall clip on to the wall using a wood screw, one end of which is hammered deep into the wooden stud inside the wall. Finally, double check to ensure that the clip is firmly attached to the wall. You can now hang the mirror on it.