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Black and white flooring

nullBlack and white is one of the most popular color combinations used in home decoration today. Not only in furnishings and linens, these colors also look great on flooring. If you are not able to decide which color you should use for your flooring, then you can blindly trust black and white flooring and your guests will definitely compliment it.

Mostly, black and white flooring is used in restrooms and bathrooms but it looks great on the entire home as well. If you really like this color scheme and you really feel good with this, then you should definitely have your flooring made of it. All day, as you are moving throughout your home, you will be enjoying a masterpiece. The design or pattern you choose will further add to the aesthetics of your entire home décor. The best thing is that black and white flooring will be bold and you have to match it with all other items in your household including furniture, TV etc.

If you are looking for a bold and clean appearance, an intelligent look and a unique kind of floor, then black and white flooring will be the best option for you.

What Type of Bathroom Sink is best For Your Remodel?

nullIf you have remodeled or planning to remodel your bathroom, then one of the major things you must be concerned about is the type of bathroom sink you will choose this time. Actually, this choice largely depends upon the type of your bathroom and even your entire home. If you are living in a small condo with only a single bathroom, then a vanity sink will be a good choice as it will also provide you some room of storage and some counter space. But if storage space is not a big problem for you, then a pedestal sink will look great.

There are different styles of bathroom sinks available now-a-days. Pedestal sinks give a simple and clean look, vessel sinks give distinct look which works well with a contemporary style of a bathroom, copper bathroom sinks look great while under-mount sinks give counter space along with a clean look. Last but not the least, you should also give due consideration to the cost of the sink you are choosing.

Bathroom ceiling lighting

nullAs far as bathroom ceiling lighting is concerned, there are several items available that can be considered as per the style and type of your bathroom. If you are on a budget, then choose a simple style of lighting available in classy look but not costly. But if you are looking for real artistic works for your bathroom ceiling lighting, then check out the pendant ceiling lights. These lights not only give enough luminosity but also better ambience.

If you want to have a flat look for your ceiling, then it would be better to select a flush mount light. Apart from these, other styles of bathroom ceiling lighting popular now-a-days including Tuscan, Victorian, Oriental and Venetian. If you want to give a stylish and classy look to your bathroom, then any of these lighting styles will meet all your expectations.

Whatever style of light you are choosing, make sure that it coordinates well with the rest of your bathroom décor.

How to Repaint a Console Table

nullThere is furniture in your home that may need touch-ups, as they have lost their glow due to usage over a long period of time. Console table is one of the furniture pieces, that is affected quite a lot and you may need to repaint them. Repaint is not a difficult task if you can do it properly and effectively, following instructions carefully.

First thing that you need to do before you repaint your console table is remove the old paint. In order to remove the old paint, you need a solution to wipe it clean. Rub carefully on the entire table and in case it has tough spots over it, you can scrape the paint initially. Now apply primer coat for the first time and let it dry completely. If you can, then wait for 24 hours before applying the second coat. This will help the paint to fix very well and it will look new for years.

How to treat dry rot

nullDry rot is a potential cause of structural damage and is more dangerous than the wet rotting fungus because of its ability to spread through materials other than timber too. It could be identified by square cracks, mushroom colored skin, brittleness and damp odour. The foremost thing to treat dry rot or avoid it is removal of moisture. Also since it could spread from timber to timber, the effected one should always be replaced with another.

A proper fungicide could be of some help too, by going inside the timber and preventing it to rot. Also, the dampness around the timber should be identified and the sources eliminated.

The rotten part should be removed by cutting or scrubbing in case of a wall and the fungicide should be sprayed to prevent the spread. Areas where the fungus was identified and scrubbed should be repainted after applying a coat of zinc oxychloride plaster which will prevent fungal growth.