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How to keep your door hinges rust free

You might spend quite a sum on your pricey hardwood door. But, if it has rusty hinges, its whole appearance can be hampered. Besides totally hampering the aesthetic appeal of any door, rusty hinges can make awful squeaking noises too. It takes hardly anytime to fix the hinges, thus give it the maintenance it requires, to keep it good as new for a longer period.

A very good way to keep your hinges rust free is by coating it with a layer of oil. Oil keeps moisture away hence preventing rust formation. This will also act as a lubricant and will keep the hinges working just perfect. Often it happens that the screws develop rust on them.

Keep some extra screws in your tool box and change the rusty ones as needed. Besides these simple maintenance guidelines, make sure that at least once a year you change your hinges or let a professional take a look at it. Thus with proper and regular maintenance, let your door hinges be completely rust free and as good as new.

How to keep termites off your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room by adding a lot of class and elegance to it. But a major snag associated with wooden furniture is that, if not maintained properly, they become prone to termite attacks. But few simple tricks can actually help your to keep termites away, thus keeping your wooden furniture good as new.

A simple way to keep termites away is using poison on your wooden furniture. Although quite effective, it is however not generally recommended if you have children and pets living with you.

Another effective alternative is the usage of termite baits. These termite baits are much safer than regular poisoning as these are so made that kids or pets cannot access them easily. They are relatively cost effective too hence making it a good choice. Just leave the bait where the termites have already infested and in no time you will have termite free furniture.

All about French door Blinds

Your home deserves to be beautiful, charming and welcoming. Doors are what welcome you as you enter your home, they are the ones to offer warm reception to your friend and they are the ones who bid a silent farewell and eagerly await the next arrival. French doors, perhaps, are the most gorgeous kind ever.

French doors are elegant, classy, sophisticated and at the same time have a very gentle, fragile innocence about them. Though French door blinds are what complement the look, they of course serve the purpose to keep the sunlight away and maintain privacy, but they also protect and enhance the classic features of a French door.

These French door blinds are available in many styles, fabrics and colors. If you want an old fashioned, conservative look, you could go for satin or velvet blinds; they give a warm presence and add solidarity. Light, cotton or linen blinds add an airy feel and induce softness to the ambiance.

French door blinds, in whatever style you choose, will certainly complement the beauty of your classic French door and add a special touch to it.

Home Security Tips

Security of your home and family is one issue which requires due attention from your behalf. Thus, while picking up a security system for your home, make sure you do so carefully. Certain tips and guidelines on how to pick the best security system for your home will help you to ensure the utmost security of your loved ones. Start by looking up on the internet in detail to find the available alternatives.

Good options can also be found by referring to your friends and neighbours. Once you have short listed your alternatives pick a system that is technologically not so tricky. As the security system needs to be used by one and all, picking up an easy to understand system is better.

Make sure your house have strong doors, windows and locks to ensure maximum safety. Pets are another great way to safeguard your home. Besides adding to the security factor, they can be amazing companions for your kids too. With such small steps you can actually ensure the safety and well being of your family.

Sliding Doors For Your Balcony

Is your room too cramped? Does it not get as much sunlight as you want?  Do you want to see your pretty garden on the balcony? A simple answer is sliding doors.

Suppose your balcony is not too spacious, and neither is the adjoining room, then the normal opening of doors into either your room or balcony would lead to unnecessary usage of space. This is solved immediately by a sliding door, which doesn’t need the extra space.

If you want to have sunlight in your room, you could go for glass sliding doors, which would let in light and yet you would not need to leave your balcony door open. You would save on the electricity since you wouldn’t need to switch on artificial lights during the day. Also, sitting, in an AC room you could get the view of your balcony.

Sliding doors offer many advantages, they are a change from regular doors, help in saving space, add to the style and aesthetics of your modern home and they let in light!

Tips To Decorate Your Balcony

Have you just moved into your plush new apartment with a mesmerising view? If so, giving your balcony a cosy as well as a well organised look will only enhance your experience. The balcony is one place where people generally relax while enjoying the outdoors. Thus comfort is that one major criterion which you must keep in mind, while doing up your balcony.

Start with a theme. The theme may vary according to your likes and dislikes. To add that feel of comfort, you can include lots of cushions to your décor. Go for comfortable chairs and a nice table. Furniture should be selected with much care as they should only enhance your outdoor experience without taking up extra space.

Potted plants can also enhance the aesthetic appeal, thus these can be added to the décor too. Vines are another great alternative and give your balcony that classy feel which you always wanted. So go ahead and give your balcony that warm as well as trendy décor.