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Flooring options for your bathroom

A lot of people overlook the aspect of flooring while redoing their bathrooms. This however is not right, as the flooring can make or break the overall look of your bathroom. Here are some of the bathrooms flooring options that are really great.

You can go green by opting for recycled tiles for your bathroom floor. Several manufacturers have introduced a recycled tiles range in the market. They are available in colors of lavender, butterscotch, khaki, apple red and rainbow amongst others. For a clean and elegant look opt for glass tiles. Depending on your style you can either go in for the big colorful ones or the small translucent ones.

If you want that classic chic look, your best bet is the hardwood flooring. Dark hardwood flooring like cherry or mahogany will look wonderful. You can brighten up the dark flooring with light colored bathroom accessories. And if you want a plush look, go for carpeting.

Themes For Your Kids Room

The children’s room in your home is quite a creative hub. In fact you can stretch your imagination as far as you want with this room. Sticking to dull and boring themes is not a very good idea. That is because you would want to create an environment in the room that is would hold the attention of the child.

Although there are a number of themes that could be used for the children’s bedroom, the theme you pick is solely dependant on your child’s age and orientation. Some common themes for a girls’ room are the Disney Princess theme or the Barbie theme. As for boys Ben 10, Doraemon, Ninja turtles are prevalent. There are some other themes which are used for both the boy’s as well as girls room like the Winnie the Pooh and Tom and Jerry. However check out what your child likes. Try to keep the theme as broad as possible to make it flexible.

Choosing the best lighting options for your home

Choosing the best lighting options for your home can be quite tricky and therefore is a tad bit difficult. You need to remember than lighting is not only a necessity but it also plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of your house. And therefore it is vital to keep in mind a few tips when you choose the lighting options.

First you need to determine your lighting goals. For the work area opt for direct lighting whereas for ambience bank on ambient lighting. Choose the lighting according to the mood of each room of your house. You need to provide ample lighting outside your home for the purpose of security and safety. You can opt for wall sconces for the exterior.

Inside the house you need to have multiple sources of lighting for each space. If your house boasts of a modern décor you can opt for recessed lighting. You can have chandeliers in the dining space and living area. If you have kids then having night lighting in their rooms is a must.