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Give your bedroom a classy touch with Victorian lamps

Are you planning for an elegant bedroom décor? Then make it appoint to opt for the Victorian lamps since the Victorian Age is synonymous with grace and class. These lamps look the best in Gothic themes but have also carved a niche in the modern bedrooms.

The most striking feature of the Victorian lamps is the lampshades. These lampshades are highly decorated with rich embroidery, multicolor beadworks and fringes. Moreover, these lamps are durable and their rich color combinations make them perfect for any mood.

These lampshades are sometimes bordered with jewels. In case you want a romantic feel, get a shade which elaborately carved red and pink roses and bordered with green emeralds. It’s good if the lamp has a base of mahogany bronze with a gold finish. Another good example would be a peach glass lamp shade with tinted glass borders. The look can be further enhanced with jewels or clear glass parts.

Ways to keep your granite kitchen counters good as new

Granite kitchen counters always had a unique natural beauty associated with it, which has been the main reason for their success in the market. But one issue that has plagued granite kitchen counter owners is about the longevity of the product. People are often worried about how long they can make their countertops look new.

Now there are certain methods to go about, which can help you in maintaining your granite counters for a pretty long time. Firstly, regular cleanings must be carried out without fail. Try and keep the entire area as dry as possible. Eradicate water vapors completely, as it is the sole culprit behind bleaching, weathering and rusting of the granite counter tops. Also make sure sand or any other hard particles do not come in touch with the granite counters. Never even think of using local, non-neutral detergents on the counters, as it will take away the gloss from the granite surface.