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Textile ideas to deck up your living room

To make your living room look much livelier and attractive, use the modern textile ideas which many interior designing companies offer. The modern day designers tend to utilize innovative materials, eye-catchy one-liners or messages, smiles, printing and other things to have their customers amazed with their results.

Living rooms are spacious and you can utilize the space in the way you want. Sofas are the best for sitting arrangements in the living room. The sofa cushions can have beautiful prints on them. The flooring of your living room is also important. Beautiful carpets are widely used these days. You can go for hardwood floors too.

The window panes, doors and furniture must be chosen in a way that they compliment the color and look of the living room. A bean bag is something you can buy for your living room. A living room needs to be impressive because your guests will notice it as soon as they enter your house.

Add Feng Shui to your bedroom décor with simple tips

Are you planning to remodel your bedroom? If your answer is in the affirmative, here is some help for you. Use Feng Shui tips to decorate your home. With simple Feng Shui tips you can welcome positive flow into your bedroom and this in turn will have a positive effect in your life.

Coming to the color of your bedroom, you can opt for red which is the color of relationship and luck. Colors like pink and wine also have positive effect on your relationship. For bettering the romantic relation with your spouse you need to display items in pairs. Two pictures, two lamps, two candlesticks will work well.

The positive energy needs to flow freely in your bedroom. And this means that there should be no clutter in your room. Do not keep things under your bed. Get rid of the clothes that you do not wear from your closet. Your bed should face the door so that you can see whoever enters your bedroom.

Tips to keep your cushion stain free

Cushions and couches are the most prominent part of your upholstery. If they get any stain or dirt on them then your reputation before of your guests is at the stake. The stains on your cushion are usually food stains made by kids or even sloppy adults.

Some stains can easily be removed by simply washing them in water or sometimes using a mild detergent. Don’t wet the fabric too much; use the detergent to make a good amount of foam. Avoid rubbing the fabric too forcefully. Then Rinse the area and use any soft substance to dry it thoroughly.

If the stain does not get removed by water then you have to take a step ahead and go for some other way. The other way includes cleaning with any solvent in which the substance of the stain is soluble. Wet the stained area with the solvent and leave it to rest for sometime and then wash and rinse it with water and dry it.

Some stains are made with dry elements and can simply be removed by vacuuming your cushions or just drying them under the sun.

All about valance window treatments

Homes are being modernized every day. One very popular choice when it comes to windows is the valance window treatments. Here a curtain rod is present over the window giving it a very cool and contemporary look. Different kinds of materials can be chosen for valance window treatments – sheet metals, wooden planks or your favorite fabric – anything can be chosen for your personalized window design.

A very popular choice is the sunburst effect for your window valance. It just adds a complete vibrant touch and has the ability to light up any room. You can even give your window a valance treatment home all by yourself! All you will need is some fabric, whichever type you like, some thread of matching or complementary color and a sewing machine and maybe some fabric glue. Re-using some old cloth or sheets is also a good idea.

Silk floral arrangements for a beautiful home

If you want to have a simple yet beautiful home decoration, silk floral arrangements is just the one for you. Flowers always grab eye balls and silk floral arrangements will definitely light up your room.

The floral arrangements come in different sizes and are made up of either a combination of different contrasting flowers or flowers of similar types. Flowers like silk roses, daisies, orchids and tulips are the hot favorites. You must be careful about the color while choosing silk floral arrangements, as colors have a great impact on the room. The most popular colors are pink, green, yellow and red.

You can go for special floral arrangements with a spring or autumn theme. Use a short arrangement next to the dinning tables. It is advised to have a tall floral arrangement for the fireplace and next to the entry way. The silk floral arrangements are cost effective, easy to handle and gives your home a very nice refreshing look.

Sliding doors for a trendy look

Did you just buy your dream home? Congratulations! Not everyone gets the chance to live in their dream homes and you are definitely one of the lucky few. Now that you have bought your dream home, it is important that you decorate it really beautifully. The décor must be absolutely wonderful.

If you want to give your home a trendy and elegant look, you should go in for the sliding doors. Sliding doors are simple, sleek and save a lot of space. They are great options for people who are not much into hinges and swings. A big plus point of sliding doors is that they combine elegance and class just in the right doses. The doors offer easy and smooth operation.

You can get the wood framed, semi transparent sliding doors that bear resemblance to the classic Japanese sliding doors. While purchasing the sliding doors make sure they are well polished, have smooth finish and are not brittle.