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Learn how to adorn your walls aesthetically

Are you planning for a nice aesthetic décor for the walls? Well, here are some tips to glam up the walls in various ways.

The usual and conventional wall décor is to adorn them with classic paintings. If you cannot afford the original pieces, get the printed versions. Then, you can even utilize your family photos. The photos can be assimilated into a big and bright collage. Otherwise, arrange the photo frames in different interesting patterns.

Then, you have the wall mounted lamps or wrought iron candle stands to glam up the walls with a Victorian feel. The modern homes sometimes prefer to opt for vinyl letterings say interesting and funny quotes. What more you can even use quilts or tapestry for the embellishment. Lastly, one can also set up glass shelves on the walls and place some tiny show pieces which altogether bring certain color and style to the walls.

Simple home cleaning tips

You build your dream home once and a lot of efforts go into this venture. But that is not the end of it! You need to take very good care of your walls, floors, furniture and fittings to keep them neat and clean.

Dusting should be done regularly with a hand duster or a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to clean mirrors first with wet paper and then dry them off. It is important to use a disinfectant when you clean your floors.

Curtains, bed spreads, cushion covers should be changed and washed at frequent intervals. Also be sure to clean all racks and shelves that you have. These accumulate a lot of dust. Your sofas also need a lot of care. Preferably, a vacuum cleaner should be used to clean all its corners.

Coming to your kitchen, always keep the chimney clean and working. This in turn will help to keep every other thing in the kitchen neat and tidy.

How to select a home cleaning service

With you and your spouse working six days a week it is obvious that you will not be able to clean every nook and corner of your house regularly. However, you cannot possible live in and welcome guests in your dirty home. So, you should hire a home cleaning service. To choose the home cleaning service, you should first make a list of the home cleaning companies that you are considering. You can ask your friends for some references.

Talk to the companies that you have listed and ask them about the exact services that they offer. Some companies don’t clean the fridge or do the laundry. If you want a cleaner that offers all kinds of service, ensure that the company you opt for meets your needs. Ask whether the cleaning staff of the company is adequately trained or not. It will be great if you can do a background check on all the employees of a company before hiring. Ask about the cost that that home cleaning company will charge is very important. Give the company a trial period before hiring them permanently.

Seasonal home maintenance checklist

Every season comes with its typical home maintenance tips which must be met to keep the home in its best form always. Here are some tips for your seasonal home maintenance.

In summer and spring: Firstly, check out the exterior paint of your house and look for any sign of flaking or cracks in the concrete portions. If you find any, do not delay to fill up with concrete patch preventing the further deterioration. Then, go around the crawlspaces and attic and look for fungus growth, pest, mildew and water leaks. Clean these places thoroughly. Also, make sure that that no water settles around your home.

In winter and fall: Clean the windows and paste weather-strips as these will seal the unwanted air-leaks lessening the use of furnace and heater. Clean up the down spouts and gutter and use gutter filters that prevent the debris from getting inside the gutters. Lastly, check that all the electrical appliances in your home are in proper condition as you would need these in the best condition as winter sets in.