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Home Spring-Cleaning: Closet Organization

Closet cleaning, home improvementSpring-cleaning is a must for all homes but oddly, most of us tend to skip that step. After long winters and gloomy monsoons and autumns, spring finally seeps in through the nooks and crannies of our homes to bring in newfound freshness and brightness. So why not equip your house to welcome this wonderful season?

First of all, go for your closet. Pack up those leg warmers, overcoats, and gloves. Sweaters, ponchos, scarves and monkey caps can take a backseat now that spring is here. It’s time to take out that dusty trunk and replace the closet with pretty summer and spring clothes like dresses, hats and bikinis and store away your clothes neatly in the trunk. But make sure you wash all winter clothes and dry them well before storing them. Make space for sandals, flip flops and wedge heels as spring is here to shine!

Siding material options for your home

Exterior siding, home renovationWhen you are renovating your home or building a new one, then siding is one thing which you should seriously consider for the exterior of your home. And for this you have to consider the best material, location and designing for the house.

Siding is given importance due to the fact that it protects the house in the best way possible. With an efficient siding for the house, you are ensured to have a house which is protected from the hazards of nature like extra heat, rain and stormy winds. Therefore it goes without saying that the siding material has to be extra strong and durable. Since the cost of siding is a costly procedure, it is advised to have a good siding at once for a lifetime.
The styling of your house could naturally add a design to the styling. When it comes to the material, it is vinyl which is strongly advised for usage. this material is versatile, can be painted and also lasts long.

How to draw good chi in your home

home decor, home improvementChi implies energy in Chinese. According to Sino beliefs, good chi is necessary to ensure order, goodness and harmony in home. Here are certain tips to draw and maintain good chi in your haven.

First of all, you have to keep your spick and span always. A cluttered home will hinder the free flow of chi resulting in negative energy. So, keep your rooms clean and clutter free with everything in order so that the chi can move in freely. This is mostly important in case of your entryway as this is from where the chi will enter your home.
The Feng Shui experts also advise to place a water filled vessel somewhere at the center of your home. This will work to magnet positive chi. A rectangular or square shaped house would be ideal to assure positive chi in home. However, in case of L or U shaped homes, a garden or water fountain would help.