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Best Choices for Bed Sheets

Bed SheetsThe bed in the room is the most important place that makes you feel relaxed and comforts you so that you can come out of the exhaustion and tiredness that you have from the days long, hard work. So it is very important that your bedroom is a perfect place for your resting purpose. This can be done only if you keep your room clean and healthy, with proper bed sheets and ventilation. Thus choosing the right kind of bed sheets is very essential.

Bed sheets of cotton fabric are the most popular in use. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. There is another kind which has cotton blend in it. A mix of cotton and polyester are more durable than just polyester bed sheets. Egyptian cotton is also very much in use. It is grown on the sides of River Nile and is very well known for producing high quality cotton which is of long staple type. It is durable and breathable and gives you a silky feeling. Bamboo bed sheets are made from the grass of bamboo. It is resistant from bacteria. Ones suffering from allergies can use it very well. It can be a green alternative to traditional cotton bed sheets as they can grow quickly and does not require much water or fertilizers to grow. They are quite soft with a feeling of silk touch.

Flannel is another option for the fabric that you can go for. Percale is smooth and a breathable bed sheet that you might want to buy. Modal is made from the pulp of beech trees which turn out to be quite similar to cotton. Italian Lenin is made from one of the finest cotton in the world which is why it is expensive and considered as a luxury item.

Tips To Buy Memory Foam Mattress

nullA good sleep is a must after a tiring day. What else can give you peace other than a nice cozy mattress on which you may lie down and forget the world! Memory foam mattresses are great options but they come with a hefty price tag. So follow these tips to buy memory foam mattresses:

Memory foam should be sensitive to temperature. Good ones are not affected by body heat and do not soften due to rising temperature.

Memory foam should have a very high density around 5 to 6 lb, else it doesn’t support the body properly and the shape alters in few months.

It is always better to seek comfort trial for sometime. So that can be aware of any comfort issues.

Know details about the warranty and the goodwill of the manufacturers in the market.
Sometimes, buying a memory foam ‘topper’ also helps if you have a relatively good mattress.