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Give your bedroom a classy touch with Victorian lamps

Are you planning for an elegant bedroom décor? Then make it appoint to opt for the Victorian lamps since the Victorian Age is synonymous with grace and class. These lamps look the best in Gothic themes but have also carved a niche in the modern bedrooms.

The most striking feature of the Victorian lamps is the lampshades. These lampshades are highly decorated with rich embroidery, multicolor beadworks and fringes. Moreover, these lamps are durable and their rich color combinations make them perfect for any mood.

These lampshades are sometimes bordered with jewels. In case you want a romantic feel, get a shade which elaborately carved red and pink roses and bordered with green emeralds. It’s good if the lamp has a base of mahogany bronze with a gold finish. Another good example would be a peach glass lamp shade with tinted glass borders. The look can be further enhanced with jewels or clear glass parts.

Themes For Your Kids Room

The children’s room in your home is quite a creative hub. In fact you can stretch your imagination as far as you want with this room. Sticking to dull and boring themes is not a very good idea. That is because you would want to create an environment in the room that is would hold the attention of the child.

Although there are a number of themes that could be used for the children’s bedroom, the theme you pick is solely dependant on your child’s age and orientation. Some common themes for a girls’ room are the Disney Princess theme or the Barbie theme. As for boys Ben 10, Doraemon, Ninja turtles are prevalent. There are some other themes which are used for both the boy’s as well as girls room like the Winnie the Pooh and Tom and Jerry. However check out what your child likes. Try to keep the theme as broad as possible to make it flexible.

How simple alterations can change your bedroom décor

There are several reasons to you wanting to remodel your bedroom. Your sleeping arrangement may be giving you comfort problems, or you may generally want to change the décor of your bedroom for a different feel. There are simple alterations that you can make yourself at home to change the feel.
A change of paint or refurnishing of the paint on your bedroom walls can be an excellent start. It requires over the weekend basic work which you can do by yourself.
Changing light fixtures can also help giving a different look to the room.
Change the décor of your bedroom by trying out different curtains to complement the colour of the walls. Next you can change the linen of the bed to go with the curtains. Add drawers and dressers to enhance this change, add bedsteads and lamps to go with the look. Lastly you can even try reorganizing the furniture for a more comfortable and different position.

Designing the Ultimate Luxury Bedroom

Designing the perfect luxury bedroom does not have to be an overly expensive process. All you have to do is add a few things which are outstanding but fairly affordable. The first thing that you should consider to meet this end is changing the color tone of the rooms from the dull earth colors to something bright that suits you.

Furniture, curtains, the bed and other things such as beddings can also be changed. For instance, you could add a new headboard to the bed that is more appealing, buy beddings that are laced with beautifully decorated embroidery and change the curtains from that drab looking set to new bright color that is laced with ribbons. It is important to also consider buying blinds instead of curtains, depending on the style or atmosphere that you are trying to create. There is a range of blinds available from venetian blinds to roman blinds, so curtains are not your only choice.

Pictures add style to any room, as such you could also add a picture or two that showcase some wonderful scenery such as beaches or something that is more personal but capable of adding a touch of romance to the room.

Nightstand Completes Your Bedroom Furniture

nullYour bedroom is not just about a big cozy bed, but it also should have certain accessories to highlight the room’s décor. Nightstand is like a bedside table where you can nicely keep things that you require while on bed. This also saves the harassment of keeping things or searching important things while you are on bed.

You may read a book before sleeping, or need an alarm clock beside you to wake you up in the morning, so where would you keep all that? Where to keep the laptop after working seated cozily on the bed! Nightstand is the answer for all these. These are available as tabletops, shelves or even retractable trays. Nightstand completes your bedroom furniture in every sense as it has great utility and found in so many different varieties. Always, the bed and the nightstand should be in complete harmony with each other, else t looks odd.

Replace Old Bedroom Mirrors

nullAccording to Feng Shui, mirrors indicate how we truly see ourselves. Thus, having old mirrors in the bedroom that distort our image not only spoils the beauty of the room but is detrimental to our self-esteem as well. Therefore, it is best to replace old mirrors in the bedroom with new ones.

Replacing old bedroom mirrors is one of the most cost-effective ways to give a quick makeover to a master bedroom. Placing new mirrors in a bedroom will not only help you in creating an illusion of space put also enable you to experiment a little with the lighting scheme of the room.

For instance, you can place a mirror right behind a wall-mounted chandelier or an ornate candle holder to reflect light all over the room. It will brighten up your room as well as open it up, making it appear bigger and more spacious.