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What are the benefits of rubber flooring?

rubber flooring, flooring optionRubber flooring comes with a horde of advantages. The post below highlights on the many plus points of taking to rubber based flooring option.
The first part is that rubber flooring is highly durable and thus a perfect fit for the high-traffic areas like commercial apartments or your drawing and living rooms. This form of flooring could last for minimum 15 years. Then, rubber flooring is very easy on maintenance. Rubber flooring is dirt repellant, stain resistant and resistant to the chemicals as well. You would just need to take up a basic maintenance regime with clean warm water & a mop.

Rubber flooring helps is great sound reduction as well. Many homeowners install the rubber based flooring below wooden flooring to get extra cushioning & sound reduction benefits. Then, rubber is resilient and soft and a fantastic shock absorber and hence would be a safe flooring option for you.

Sparkly tiles, a good flooring option for your home

Everybody likes their home to look beautiful and special. The kinds of materials you use in your house surely make a big difference to the ambience of your home. Say yes to Sparkly Tiles and just watch your house get a complete new look. Their special feature is that they have small shiny flecks present which look like small bits of mirror. Even in the dark you can actually see your floors shimmer spectacularly.

You can choose the kind of flecks you want and how much of them you want. The density varies from tile to tile. Depending upon your taste and the room you would be placing them in, you can choose if the density of these sparkly flecks are more or less. You can also choose the type of color you want. Some tiles are designed differently to shine under lights from specific directions. So go ahead and make your choice and give your home a makeover today.

Flooring options for your bathroom

A lot of people overlook the aspect of flooring while redoing their bathrooms. This however is not right, as the flooring can make or break the overall look of your bathroom. Here are some of the bathrooms flooring options that are really great.

You can go green by opting for recycled tiles for your bathroom floor. Several manufacturers have introduced a recycled tiles range in the market. They are available in colors of lavender, butterscotch, khaki, apple red and rainbow amongst others. For a clean and elegant look opt for glass tiles. Depending on your style you can either go in for the big colorful ones or the small translucent ones.

If you want that classic chic look, your best bet is the hardwood flooring. Dark hardwood flooring like cherry or mahogany will look wonderful. You can brighten up the dark flooring with light colored bathroom accessories. And if you want a plush look, go for carpeting.

Black and white flooring

nullBlack and white is one of the most popular color combinations used in home decoration today. Not only in furnishings and linens, these colors also look great on flooring. If you are not able to decide which color you should use for your flooring, then you can blindly trust black and white flooring and your guests will definitely compliment it.

Mostly, black and white flooring is used in restrooms and bathrooms but it looks great on the entire home as well. If you really like this color scheme and you really feel good with this, then you should definitely have your flooring made of it. All day, as you are moving throughout your home, you will be enjoying a masterpiece. The design or pattern you choose will further add to the aesthetics of your entire home d├ęcor. The best thing is that black and white flooring will be bold and you have to match it with all other items in your household including furniture, TV etc.

If you are looking for a bold and clean appearance, an intelligent look and a unique kind of floor, then black and white flooring will be the best option for you.