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Wicker Furniture Care And Maintenance Tips

Wicker Furniture CareWicker furnishing looks really stylish whether you have them indoors or get them laid out on your patio during the in-house parties. The best part is that these are pretty durable and cost-effective. However, wicker furniture calls for some simple yet must-to-follow care tips which you should follow to ensure good life for your wicker collection. The article below lays down some essential wicker furnishing care & maintenance tips.

Regular dusting

This is really important if you have wicker furniture at home. You must know that the very open-weave pattern on wicker arrangements is quick to catch dust and dirt –hence you should carry on a dusting routine everyday. Feather dusters would work well. But if you are not into daily dusting, you are going to need a vacuum cleaning for extensive cleaning. It’s advised that you opt for weatherproof cushions to cover the base and back of the wicker pieces.

Strong cleaning

If you have got the wicker chairs and sofas laid outside for long, you must make sure to get a strong cleaning solution for them. Mix ammonia (2 tablespoon) or some strong cleaning detergent with water (one gallon) for the solution. Now, dampen a clean rag in your solution & use it to wipe up the wicker set. Rinse the furniture thoroughly. Post rinse, you have to dry up the wicker pieces with a clean dry towel. Remember to take them away from sunlight for 2-3 days and only bring back when the arrangements have dried thoroughly.

Keep away from humidity and moisture

Moisture and humidity are dangerous for wicker furniture leading to the menacing growth of mold and mildew on the chairs and sofas. Thus, if you use the wicker furniture outside, you must make sure to get them inside during the winter snowfall and rainy season.

Wrought iron accessories for your home

The popularity of wrought iron accessories are on the rise. Wrought iron is popular for many reasons and is hugely prepared by many when it comes to accessories when decorating one’s home. The biggest advantage that wrought iron accessories enjoy is that they are versatile, can be found in all shapes and sizes and are very pleasing to the eye.

Wrought iron accessories are very lightweight, this is a welcome change from those accessories that are extremely difficult to carry or move around. Accessories in wrought iron are extremely tough; this means that you are not going to have any trouble transporting them from one place to another. Indeed they are both tough and lightweight, making them an instant hit among its customers.

Another advantage that wrought iron enjoys is that they are available at affordable prizes. You can choose among huge collections of wrought iron accessories to decorate your home without burning a whole in your pocket.

Leather Furniture for Your Living Room

Leather furniture adds a touch of grandeur and aristocracy in your room like no other furniture does. Not without reason these furniture were quite expensive once upon a time. You needed to have affluence and aristocracy to own a piece of leather furniture. But those days are gone. Now you have so many varieties and types of leather furniture that you would be able buy one in your budget if you just looked in the right places.

With the development of technology, there are a number of different kinds of leather furniture like the full aniline leather or the Nubuck leather. In case you would want to know why leather furniture is so expensive you would just have to sit or recline on one, you would get your answer.

However each of these types of leather is meant to serve a different purpose, so you need to decide where and why you need to get leather furniture. In case you want to learn about the leather furniture you can look up the internet where there is no dearth of information on them.

How to keep termites off your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room by adding a lot of class and elegance to it. But a major snag associated with wooden furniture is that, if not maintained properly, they become prone to termite attacks. But few simple tricks can actually help your to keep termites away, thus keeping your wooden furniture good as new.

A simple way to keep termites away is using poison on your wooden furniture. Although quite effective, it is however not generally recommended if you have children and pets living with you.

Another effective alternative is the usage of termite baits. These termite baits are much safer than regular poisoning as these are so made that kids or pets cannot access them easily. They are relatively cost effective too hence making it a good choice. Just leave the bait where the termites have already infested and in no time you will have termite free furniture.

How to keep termites off your wooden furniture

Our house decor does cost a lot. It includes a lot of expenditure, be it the draperies, walls, accessories or the furnishing. Thus it makes all the more important for us to protect it. Wooden furnishings are expensive, especially if made of some special wood of high quality, thus we ought to protect it.

Wooden furniture is generally prone to termites, once they start and go unnoticed by you, they can cause immense harm to your furniture. Thus you should take steps that would not even let your wood attract them. Termites are so small that they cannot be seen with bare eyes. Termites need a damp, moist and dusty place for their survival. So make sure that your wooden furniture does not provide any of those comfortable atmospheres that would encourage the growth of termites. If by chance the termites have already bitten their teeth in and started their work then you need to get a termite exterminator company for yourself. They will help you get rid of it

Tips to keep wooden furniture as good as new

Is your house adorned by authentic wooden furniture? If so then you must be aware that these pieces of eternal beauty need some special care. Not taking enough care would mean that these furniture could be spoilt forever without getting retained.

First of all the first step you need to take is to care and preserve your wooden furniture by getting it polished. Choose your polish well according to the type of wood your furniture is made of. This not only gives extra protection to your furniture from dust, water, humidity or any other decaying causes but also adds on to the shine of the furniture.

Make sure the furniture is cleaned regularly. Dust them carefully even if there seems to be no dust accumulation. Clean with a damp cloth. After cleaning with a damp cloth, make sure you wipe it well with a dry cloth again. Water is not good for furniture so take necessary steps to keep them far from water.

Keep away from direct sunlight. Placing hot utensils might leave a permanent mark on the furniture. Get a polish from time to time

Keeping these points in mind will help you keep your wooden furniture as good as new.

How to keep your leather furniture as good as new

Leather sofas may look really attractive but they also come with high maintenance criteria. However, with these easy instructions you will find your leather sofas always looking as good as if they were brand new.

For daily cleaning, wiping with a damp cloth should do wonders. Vacuum regularly to keep off the dust. Avoid staining the leather surface with pen marks and such like, and if you do manage to still mar it, use a special leather cleanser immediately. Prevent sharp objects from spoiling the sofa and also make sure that you sofa doesn’t sit in direct sunlight – it could lead to fast fading of the colour.

Use special cleansers from time to time and a mild soap with your water for dampening the cloth occasionally. Avoid alcohol based cleansers or strong detergents for cleaning. The wrong cleanser may discolour your sofa so being careful while reading the manufacturer’s manual is mandatory. For areas of frequent use, protective creams should be used, and direct contact with the human body and sweat should be avoided. With these simple tips keeping your sofa looking brand new should not be a hard feat.

Re-Facing Kitchen Cabinets

If you have tried re-facing the kitchen cabinet without the proper techniques or know-how, then you definitely have a copy of how tedious it really can be. If on the other hand you are totally lost for ideas on how to carry to the procedure, then it’s highly advisable to seek professional assistance instead. So, what are some of the vital ideas that you should always keep in mind whenever you think of re-facing your kitchen cabinets?.

To begin with, you have to pin-point all the areas and parts that are vital in the reshuffling process so as to avoid uncertain mix-ups in the process. In addition, you should be extra careful and responsible in the way you handle your tools and equipments so as to avoid loosing them when you really need them. Getting the right cabinet cleaner is also an essential tip in getting that formal look inside your kitchen even before you go ahead to re-face them.

Long Dressers

nullLong dressers are the perfect pieces used for filling the void in a bedroom. Long dressers are favorite items among those who are purchasing new bedroom sets. Long dressers are not only about space, but it is their shape that allows them to have a special role in a bedroom. Interior decorators suggest that having a long dresser will be very helpful in filing out an empty wall in the bedroom.

Some of the long dressers are wide enough to have as much as 6 drawers, in which you can even store your clothes and accessories.

Long dressers are available in different sizes and shapes and made of different materials including espresso wood, metal, glass and even plastic. The best thing is that they are not only practical but cheap as well. So, visit your nearest furniture store today and choose a long dresser as per the size and décor of your bedroom.

How to Repaint a Console Table

nullThere is furniture in your home that may need touch-ups, as they have lost their glow due to usage over a long period of time. Console table is one of the furniture pieces, that is affected quite a lot and you may need to repaint them. Repaint is not a difficult task if you can do it properly and effectively, following instructions carefully.

First thing that you need to do before you repaint your console table is remove the old paint. In order to remove the old paint, you need a solution to wipe it clean. Rub carefully on the entire table and in case it has tough spots over it, you can scrape the paint initially. Now apply primer coat for the first time and let it dry completely. If you can, then wait for 24 hours before applying the second coat. This will help the paint to fix very well and it will look new for years.