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How to do up a small living room?

small living roomAre you planning to beautify your living room but worried on space constrictions? Space is a major issue these days in most of the condos- but don’t worry as there are some proven tricks that can help you to come up with a beautiful living room. Your living chamber is the place to relax which might also double as the party hub during your private in-house parties. Thus, it’s important that you take care of the room for an inviting ambience. The post here describes how to do up a small living room.

Let’s start with the paint. When space is an issue, its better you stick to neutral or lighter shades. The dark shades can make your room appear smaller while the lighter tones are perfect to create the desired spacious feel. You can take to mint green or blue here- butterscotch would be a viable option as well. The idea is to have a color that is neither drab nor too bright. Hang a mirror on the wall as mirrors too can lead to a spacious illusion. Apart from the mirror, keep the walls as much free as possible since otherwise you would end up looking messy. If the walls are looking too bare, a small collage of your favorite snaps would fit the bill.

In regards to furniture, do not get any coffee or center table in your small living room. The living space is meant for an informal time and thus it’s better if you throw bean bags in. Futon bed would be a nice option as well. You can arrange for dual functional chairs which will double up as good storage options. Proper storage is significant for a clean look inside the room as a messy and cluttered appearance will only make the room dingy and repelling.

Sump pump maintenance tips

A sump pump is an excellent help to keep the water out from the basement. But make sure to take the needed steps for its maintenance to keep your house protected. Here are the tips. First of all, always place a cover on your sump basin. Then, keep a check, especially on inlet screens for debris formation and remove them if any without delay as debris can block your pump. Again, make sure to use GFI to keep yourself electrically protected if water and electricity are within same installation. Besides, check for the proper cable routing and ensure that your cable is at a safe distance from water. Then, you even need to check that your cable is pretty secured with no loose ends. Take care of the discharged pipes as many a times the discharged water might return to the sump and water test the pump to assure that float switch flexibly rises with water level. Lastly, you have to operate your pump several times to keep it working properly and yes check the valve operation frequently.

Simple home cleaning tips

You build your dream home once and a lot of efforts go into this venture. But that is not the end of it! You need to take very good care of your walls, floors, furniture and fittings to keep them neat and clean.

Dusting should be done regularly with a hand duster or a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to clean mirrors first with wet paper and then dry them off. It is important to use a disinfectant when you clean your floors.

Curtains, bed spreads, cushion covers should be changed and washed at frequent intervals. Also be sure to clean all racks and shelves that you have. These accumulate a lot of dust. Your sofas also need a lot of care. Preferably, a vacuum cleaner should be used to clean all its corners.

Coming to your kitchen, always keep the chimney clean and working. This in turn will help to keep every other thing in the kitchen neat and tidy.

How to select a home cleaning service

With you and your spouse working six days a week it is obvious that you will not be able to clean every nook and corner of your house regularly. However, you cannot possible live in and welcome guests in your dirty home. So, you should hire a home cleaning service. To choose the home cleaning service, you should first make a list of the home cleaning companies that you are considering. You can ask your friends for some references.

Talk to the companies that you have listed and ask them about the exact services that they offer. Some companies don’t clean the fridge or do the laundry. If you want a cleaner that offers all kinds of service, ensure that the company you opt for meets your needs. Ask whether the cleaning staff of the company is adequately trained or not. It will be great if you can do a background check on all the employees of a company before hiring. Ask about the cost that that home cleaning company will charge is very important. Give the company a trial period before hiring them permanently.

Seasonal home maintenance checklist

Every season comes with its typical home maintenance tips which must be met to keep the home in its best form always. Here are some tips for your seasonal home maintenance.

In summer and spring: Firstly, check out the exterior paint of your house and look for any sign of flaking or cracks in the concrete portions. If you find any, do not delay to fill up with concrete patch preventing the further deterioration. Then, go around the crawlspaces and attic and look for fungus growth, pest, mildew and water leaks. Clean these places thoroughly. Also, make sure that that no water settles around your home.

In winter and fall: Clean the windows and paste weather-strips as these will seal the unwanted air-leaks lessening the use of furnace and heater. Clean up the down spouts and gutter and use gutter filters that prevent the debris from getting inside the gutters. Lastly, check that all the electrical appliances in your home are in proper condition as you would need these in the best condition as winter sets in.

Tips to keep your cushion stain free

Cushions and couches are the most prominent part of your upholstery. If they get any stain or dirt on them then your reputation before of your guests is at the stake. The stains on your cushion are usually food stains made by kids or even sloppy adults.

Some stains can easily be removed by simply washing them in water or sometimes using a mild detergent. Don’t wet the fabric too much; use the detergent to make a good amount of foam. Avoid rubbing the fabric too forcefully. Then Rinse the area and use any soft substance to dry it thoroughly.

If the stain does not get removed by water then you have to take a step ahead and go for some other way. The other way includes cleaning with any solvent in which the substance of the stain is soluble. Wet the stained area with the solvent and leave it to rest for sometime and then wash and rinse it with water and dry it.

Some stains are made with dry elements and can simply be removed by vacuuming your cushions or just drying them under the sun.

How to clean your swimming pool

We are always procrastinating the cleaning of our swimming pools for the two reasons that a) it is a tedious job, and b) it is one that somewhat confuses you with regard to the correct procedure. Now, you needn’t worry about either as we will help you with the following simple swimming pool cleaning techniques.

The most important things required of a pool are its sanitation and the water’s freshness. Ensuring this much only will prevent all other problems – like that of dirty swimming pools causing illnesses due to the bacteria they usually house.

Besides that, manual cleaning is mandatory. Algae and bacteria can grow on the walls of the pool which you will have to manually clean, and certain things like leaves and flowers are to be removed with the help of net. The debris and algae is removed with the help of pool vacuum and brushes. The pools are disinfected with the help of chemicals like chlorine and baquacil. Filtration is done with the help of pump and filter, and this procedure takes six to seven hours. Clean the pool and swim in good health and pure water.

Tips For Kitchen Fittings

One thing apparent to kitchens is the level of clutter. The room’s sanitation and elegance depends on the kitchen fittings in place and the way they are arranged. Expert advice would point out to a spare installment plan that leaves plenty of room to maneuver in. There are tips for appropriate kitchen fittings. The intended design of the room should not be deterred by existing implements like cabinets and power installments which can be realigned or replaced by new ones.

Before installing this equipment, the planner should consider where there is the possibility of finding electric wires under the walls to reduce the rate of accidents and power outages. Such fittings as ovens, refrigerators and sinks can be arranged in a triangular perspective against each other for easy transfer of foodstuff and the convenient use of cooking utensils. The space available informs the selection of appropriate sizes for kitchen paraphernalia. One can measure the whole kitchen in proportion with the size of the fittings.

Light Fixtures For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are not just for toilette. They should be given a good lighting aura that complements their basic functions. The lighting can be used to illuminate the rooms at night as well as give decoration to the bathroom. For this reason, light fixtures for the bathroom should be bright enough to reveal every recess for sanitary purposes and set in a beautiful design to lend decoration to the small enclosure. They should be engineered to hide all underlying soft shadows.

Adequacy of lighting is of utmost importance for use of the bathroom at night. Bulbs fixed over the various parts of the structure are also available to give focused illumination to the specific part. There are those that are appropriate for the mirror and others specifically designed to be installed over the washing sink. The bulbs can be arranged horizontally across the aerial edges of the walls. Their sizes and number is dependent on the width of the mirror.

Best Possible Ways To Choose Chandelier Lighting

One can come up with the best possible ways to choose chandelier lighting. Chandeliers are extensively viewed as works of art in form of light and this fact may be put to the best use by installing it in the most appropriate position so that it can spill its light over the walls underneath while displaying its elaborateness. Depending on its specific function, for example as a table lighter, it should always be installed a few inches from the interior limits of the room.

If the chandelier is being used for adornment purposes, then a bulb or two in the implement can be appropriate for a standard room. If it is mainly for lighting purposes, then several bulbs should conveniently illuminate the interior. However, a large chandelier for a small room may prove too warm for the small space it is used in, meaning that a lighting test of the interior is necessary as a precursor to choosing a chandelier.