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How to Strip Wall Paper

Stripping off wall paper from your wall does not have to be a difficult task especially if you have the proper tools and the knowhow of how to doing it in a simple and effective way. First remove all wall hangings and cover the floor and furnishings with a cloth.

Sample how easy the paper can come off by peeling off one side of the paper. If it comes out, continue to do this but leave out areas that seem to be engrossed to the wall. Once you have peeled off as much paper as you could, spray the remaining parts with any wall striper gel at your disposal and let it settle for fifteen or twenty minutes and use a knife to scrap it out.

If it does not come off completely, spray it again and repeat the process this time ensure you use a sponge to clean out the area and determine if the wall paper has come off completely.

Conservatory versus Orangery


A conservatory is primarily built of PVC or glass walls and finishing while an orangery is built with glass and a percentage of it made of brick. An observatory is an open kind of structure while the orangery is more enclosed in terms of privacy. Orangeries have flat roofs, which will offer privacy from overlooking windows in the rest of the home while a conservatory can be viewed from any angle because of its clear walls.

Orangeries are considerably more expensive to build than the observatory because of their mix in building materials. With conservatories, it may be much cheaper to maintain and build because one can use low insulation materials like PVC or use double-glazing because traditional ones made of glass and other materials took long to heat. One should choose which one to construct based on the overall design of the home, weather conditions, how much one is willing to spend, and the uses of the structure one wishes to build.

Tract Homes Or Custom Homes-Which One Will You Choose.


Tract homes are those that can be found in estates and these are a number of homes that are pre-designed. Custom homes are those built according to their own specifications and desires. With tract homes, all one has to do is to just choose the house and close the deal on it, then one can add on or change what they wish to. Custom homes are built on any piece of land one wants and one will design and build the home from scratch.

A tract home is perfect for those that wish to move into a home as soon as possible while custom homes will take some time to build and are perfect for those not in a rush. Tract homes are built on standard land space and may not have a large yard while custom homes could be built on large pieces of land. It may be cheaper to buy a tract home but a custom home will save money, as there is no need for remodeling after moving in. The choice rests on the owner in the end.

Seven Scorching Hot Tips for Cool Sunroom Furnishing


The Sunroom is like a patio and a great place to relax and to receive guests. One should choose items made of lightweight materials because it constantly tends to be moved around. It is also a good idea to choose furniture that is made of materials that can handle the heat and the sunshine to last longer. When one is using blinds, curtains, pillows and cushions, it is advised that they are UV Rays resistant to protect ones skin from harm by the sun’s rays, and seek advice from the manufacturer or salesperson.

One should use plants that can handle sun to avoid withering. As much as it is a sunroom, one should install blinds or shades to reduce the effect of the sun on the room as long as it matches the room and the heat and sun conditions. When hanging up portraits or pictures, they should not be in direct line with the sun, as they will fade. The furniture chosen should not be too different from the rest of the home’s interior design to make the home look neat.

Go Green with Sash Windows

nullSash windows are made from movable panels or sashes. These were found in the Victorian properties and have become a trend now in many of or homes.

In America, the hung sash windows are quite popular designs. These are made from softwood with a single glass panel of glaze. With the current improvements in manufacturing and design of sash windows, it is now possible for the common mass to have these windows in their homes.

Sash windows offer more openness and allow the greenery to enter your rooms. It is protective as well as very relaxing when you sit new the window. With some unique designs and the use of different colors, sash windows have now got a special reference in every home.

It is very easy to install these windows, whether in a new house or for a house that is being renovated. Depending on the space available, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and have the best sash windows for your home.

Creating a Faux Venetian Plaster Look

nullThe art of creating a faux Venetian plaster look is slowly regaining popularity following the surge in the number of homeowners who want to recreate the look and feel of old-world European plaster walls in their living space. You can either hire a professional or use the ‘Do-it-yourself’ kits to achieve a Venetian plaster look in your home. The second option is better if you are a little cash-strapped.

Start by applying a thin coat of the tinted Venetian plaster with a trowel. Apply a second coat after about five hours to fill any voids. Once the entire surface is covered, let it dry for an entire day. The next day, you can start sanding the surface in a circular motion to give it a polished look. You can also use a steel trowel instead of the sand paper for this process. Finish off by applying a top coat of a water-based glazing liquid for durability and protection.