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Home Decor with picture frames

Home Decor with picture framesChanging your home’s decoration can be a long expensive process, but a new easy and affordable way is fast becoming extremely popular as far as decorating houses are concerned, This is using picture frames to jazz up any room in your house. Picture frames come in different sizes, colours and styles and a variety of these in your rooms can make them look much more appealing. Below are a few tips on how you can make use of picture frames to add zing to your home decor.

Collage Frames: This has become a bit of a trend in the recent past because of its ability to match any kind of home, be it contemporary or traditional. The pictures can be scattered or fit together like a puzzle. You can create it on your own or even go for premade collage frames. The premade ones generally come in black or wood shades and compliment a living room or a master bedroom brilliantly.

Large Frame Mural: Another innovative idea is purchasing big frames and added pictures that go by a particular theme. Large square frames can be found in most department stores and they simply need to be hung up despite their huge size. Works best for a themed room, or even for a children’s room where you can slip in pictures of your child’s favourite things such as animals, places, hobbies, people, etc.

Frame Shelf: You do not always have to hang up your frames, you can make a small shelf for only organized picture frames. Put the bigger sized frames on the topmost shelf, and then put smaller frames on the lower shelves. Put some flowers to decorate it, and you have for yourself a lovely looking shelf for your contemporary living room.
Design Refrigerators: Bored of having magnets on your fridge? Put up small picture frames for an innovative look. Just some easy glue on the back of the frame, and your fridge picture frames are ready.
So take the old albums out and start decorating.

Siding material options for your home

Exterior siding, home renovationWhen you are renovating your home or building a new one, then siding is one thing which you should seriously consider for the exterior of your home. And for this you have to consider the best material, location and designing for the house.

Siding is given importance due to the fact that it protects the house in the best way possible. With an efficient siding for the house, you are ensured to have a house which is protected from the hazards of nature like extra heat, rain and stormy winds. Therefore it goes without saying that the siding material has to be extra strong and durable. Since the cost of siding is a costly procedure, it is advised to have a good siding at once for a lifetime.
The styling of your house could naturally add a design to the styling. When it comes to the material, it is vinyl which is strongly advised for usage. this material is versatile, can be painted and also lasts long.

About UV Reactive Glow Wall Paints

wall paints, paintsDo you want to give your bachelor’s pad a whacky look? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you can try the UV reactive glow wall paints. These wall paints will allow you to get creative but if you do not want to go overboard with it, then you can experiment with this wall paint only in one room of your apartment.

As the name suggests, the UV reactive glow wall paints will glow in the dark. However, you will have to make use of certain lights to ensure that the wall paint glows. These lights are UV touches, UV party lights, special energy efficient fluorescent globe and also black light blue and black light fluorescent tubes. The most common colors in which these paints are available include UB blue, UV green, UV lime, UV orange, UV magenta, UV yellow, UV red, UV pink and UV violet. All these paints are non toxic.

Adding Warmth to Decors for winter

During the winter months, if you want to change the look of your home by creating a warm look, then the great some changes which you can bring about in the overall décor. You can go for some bright wall hangings. Keeping the festive theme in mind, you can use warm lamps and fairy lights to glam up your home. Fairy lights have the tendency to subtly bring out the highlights of the room.

You can also go for Moroccan lamps in your home. They cast a very mystical light in the rooms they are put in. You can also change your drapes and other fabrics in the rooms in order to create a warm feeling. Bright colors like orange, yellow and even bright green can be used in pillow and cushion covers. You can also go for heavy drapes instead of laced curtains to create a cozy and comfortable look.

How to introduce a rustic look to your décor

If you want to give your home an antique look then you must get some furniture that will give that antique or rustic look. They generally give a traditional sign to your home and make it look older yet beautiful. There are special parts where you can apply this rustic décor. Take for example antique fire places. They are the best to give this rustic look and if you have Victorian windows nearby then it is better for you.

The combination of the fire place and the Victorian windows will just be perfect for the room giving it a classic and royal look. You can also apply the rustic décor to high ceilings and engraved doors. They are just the perfect decoration that is required for holding any kind of formal meetings. Other places where this decoration can be used are big halls, garden, living rooms or a study room.

What accessories to use for a spring inspired décor?

Spring signifies joy, laughter, cheerfulness and bright and happy colors. If you install spring inspired décor in your house then it will be the symbol of a perfect happy family where all the family members live in perfect harmony with each other. Spring inspired décor can be easily improvised for your room and make it a charming place by reflecting your personality and taste. Get rid of all the things which you do not need and which makes your room look congested and put up numerous vases with colorful bright flowers.

To make your room look breezy and spacious use neutral color curtains which will make your room look large and will facilitate the sun light to come in and brighten up your room. Choose light shades for your walls such as light yellow or pink, blue or green and even lavender. You can opt for few colorful cushion covers for a trendy look and can also go for accent wall that will bring life to your house in minutes.

Add a touch of life to your home with painted ceilings

You spend a great deal of time, energy, money and even creativity while putting paint on your walls but hardly ever think twice before painting your walls white. It might be the safest option to whitewash the ceiling but if you put in a little effort on painting your ceiling, it may turn out spectacular. This will instantly set you apart from the rest as hardly a dew pay any attention the ceiling.

You could match your walls with your ceilings or you could go for a completely separate combination for the ceiling. You may paint it according to your taste. You may paint a landscape and enjoy looking at it while lying on your bed. Imagine a how good a ceiling that is painted as a night sky might look. Painting the ceiling would be perfect for the kid’s room as they are at an age that appreciates out of the way creativity the most.

Learn how to adorn your walls aesthetically

Are you planning for a nice aesthetic décor for the walls? Well, here are some tips to glam up the walls in various ways.

The usual and conventional wall décor is to adorn them with classic paintings. If you cannot afford the original pieces, get the printed versions. Then, you can even utilize your family photos. The photos can be assimilated into a big and bright collage. Otherwise, arrange the photo frames in different interesting patterns.

Then, you have the wall mounted lamps or wrought iron candle stands to glam up the walls with a Victorian feel. The modern homes sometimes prefer to opt for vinyl letterings say interesting and funny quotes. What more you can even use quilts or tapestry for the embellishment. Lastly, one can also set up glass shelves on the walls and place some tiny show pieces which altogether bring certain color and style to the walls.

Textile ideas to deck up your living room

To make your living room look much livelier and attractive, use the modern textile ideas which many interior designing companies offer. The modern day designers tend to utilize innovative materials, eye-catchy one-liners or messages, smiles, printing and other things to have their customers amazed with their results.

Living rooms are spacious and you can utilize the space in the way you want. Sofas are the best for sitting arrangements in the living room. The sofa cushions can have beautiful prints on them. The flooring of your living room is also important. Beautiful carpets are widely used these days. You can go for hardwood floors too.

The window panes, doors and furniture must be chosen in a way that they compliment the color and look of the living room. A bean bag is something you can buy for your living room. A living room needs to be impressive because your guests will notice it as soon as they enter your house.

Silk floral arrangements for a beautiful home

If you want to have a simple yet beautiful home decoration, silk floral arrangements is just the one for you. Flowers always grab eye balls and silk floral arrangements will definitely light up your room.

The floral arrangements come in different sizes and are made up of either a combination of different contrasting flowers or flowers of similar types. Flowers like silk roses, daisies, orchids and tulips are the hot favorites. You must be careful about the color while choosing silk floral arrangements, as colors have a great impact on the room. The most popular colors are pink, green, yellow and red.

You can go for special floral arrangements with a spring or autumn theme. Use a short arrangement next to the dinning tables. It is advised to have a tall floral arrangement for the fireplace and next to the entry way. The silk floral arrangements are cost effective, easy to handle and gives your home a very nice refreshing look.