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Decorating With Indian Rugs

nullIndian rugs are the perfect interior décor for Indian homes and offices.

Indian rugs have definitely become a traditional piece for every home, the traditional weaving, fine designs and a true reflection of Indian culture. However, some of the rugs also reflect the Persian deigns, particularly the Iranian style.

Navajo Indian rugs are particularly very common. They add an element of beauty to the homes with contemporary historical designs and weavings. Some of these rugs offer a classic blend of rich colors with earthy warmth. The designs are a perfect balance of the gravity and awfulness. They look lively as well as dignified; warm yet totally tranquil; a touch of both masculinity and femininity.

Indian rugs could also be a mix of Americana and Spanish designs evolving round the year. Southwest rugs are natural and earthy with some classic tones and truly traditional designs. This makes them the perfect rustic décor for your home.

Choose from the wide collection of Indian rugs to beautify your homes.

Types of Art For Your Home Décor

nullIf you are looking to spruce up your home with something easy and unique, then the best thing you can do is to decorate your home with some art pieces. There are different types of art that you can choose as per your own tastes, preferences, requirements and of course, budget. Some common types of art that can be used in your home décor include wall paintings, mirrors, decorative furniture pieces, trinkets, cultural themes, sculptures, historical eras and animal themes.

Apart from all these, you can also use your creative mind and incorporate it into your home décor. You can also include some hand designed or decorated items and add an artistic touch to your décor.

Art pieces can also make a great gift for your loved ones and can suit almost any occasion, whether it is a birthday, anniversary or wedding. There can be different opportunities to give out handmade art and craft gifts to your loved ones and you will definitely want to stock them up in your treasure. If you do not know where to find some real art pieces, then there are several websites that will not only guide you to reputed online suppliers but will also tell you how to create some really good pieces with your own hands.

What is Log Home Décor

nullLog homes are surrounded by natural wood ambience and a feeling of rootedness. Whether your log home is located on a hill side or in a resort community, it will become a center of attraction and appreciation by all who visit you. If you are interested in creating a log home for yourself, then it is wise to choose a professional for doing that. These professionals will not only take care of the designing and building of the home, they will also be involved in the home’s interior décor and furnishings including floor coverings, cabinetry, lighting and furniture.

The furniture used in log homes feature intriguing colors and patterns of upholstery and wooden frames. The headboards and beds are usually made up of logs and lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and lamps have shades of rustic metal that feature the cut-out silhouettes. Front doors, mantles, window frames and stair cases, all come together to create that total feeling of a log home.

Log homes are especially designed for people who want to live in the midst of nature and want each and everything close to the nature. A log home has a unique feel that can be supplied only by a natural home made up of wood.

Why Choose A Corner Dining Table?

nullWhen choosing a dining table, it’s important that you realize that corner tables are similar to conventional tables but are made suitably in areas where larger tables cannot be conveniently placed. The design and make of corner dining tables is usually made to address issues regarding space constraints as well as aesthetic issues such as display factor in your home area which form part of your home décor.

The corner table design is known not to interfere with the functional aspect similar to conventional tables as long as they are placed in an accommodating part of the room. They have always had a wide range of possibilities in line with their designs. Most corner tables are advisably placed at the receiving areas of the house since they take little space. Hereby they can as well be used as coffee tables and still serve as dining tables hence they are very useful and functional.

Using Glass Jars as Decorative Vases

nullWe are almost always using glass jar that we dispose-off after use. Due to the fact that they do not rot, they are mostly left to litter the environment when they could be used in a more constructive way of maybe recycling them and using the container as beautiful vases for decorations. Because of their variety in terms of shapes, sizes and color; they make a fantastic accessory in a decoration experience. As for the uniquely shaped jars, they compliment other interior decorations nicely after doing minor restructuring on their form.

We prepare them by just removing the papers and labels in their outer part for instance by applying some adhesive remover or any other substance which can assist us on that. After that, you can know create you own arts on the vase or even wrap them with ribbons nicely or apply decorations like stickers, etches paintings or glitters on their surface.

What are Satsuma vases?

nullAfter a successful combat mission Himazo Yoshihiro came back with what ended up being the greatest work of art as far as pottery as a genre of artistry is concerned. Japanese were taught thereafter by the Koreans who were brought with their tools and equipment from the battle field to launch mass production of a wide range of pottery containers like vases and their decorations. This is how the Satsuma vases came in to being.

Satsuma vases are small tall vases in different shapes and sizes adorning some of the most appealing decoration in the world. Their images are particularly noticeable which are mostly images of the life and times of the 18th and 19th century. These imageries are mostly animals, flowers, plants and landscape among other figures in those centuries and are in very excellent details. These vases popularity has been attributed to the various designs that they are made of.

Decorating with Asian Inspired Furniture

nullIn the last few years, Asian inspired furniture has become very popular in almost every part of the world. This is a visually appealing style of furniture that has been the traditional décor of the East from historical times. From chairs, tables and stools to lamps, there is a huge variety in Asian décor. Because Asian inspired furniture pieces are very durable and strong, they will have a long lasting impression for an entire lifetime.

The best thing is that Asian Inspired furniture suits almost any style of home décor and they are environmental friendly also. While decorating your home in Asian style, you will realize how this kind of décor is inspired by nature and its gifts. Patio furniture styles are also available in Asian Inspired décor so that you can decorate each and every part of your home, including your patio and garden. All in all, Asian inspired furniture is heavily relied upon layers of color and texture, making a beautiful look to any room of your home.

Baby Room Decoration with Feng Shui

nullWhen we consider decorating our baby room with proper Feng Shui setup, then the first thing we need to do is to place the bed of the baby in the correct position. It should be covered with a wall at least on one side rather than placing the bed in the room’s middle with no support of a wall. Sharp objects should be kept away from a baby room because in I-ching, sharp objects signify fire element and may make the baby very dynamic which will make it difficult to calm down the baby.

The lighting in a baby room should be neither too dark nor too light. Also make sure that the baby room is free from any undesirable, bad or unusual odors. This signifies the earth element which will cause disturbance in the digestive system of the baby. All in all, while decorating your baby room, make sure that it is equipped with good Feng Shui so that the baby may feel more content and you can become a better parent.

How to Hang Decorative Wall Mirrors

nullUsing decorative wall mirrors is one of the easiest ways to enhance the beauty of a room and to push up its style quotient. It is best to hang decorative wall mirrors opposite a light source – be it nature or artificial – so that the room appears brighter and more appealing. Hanging different sized decorative wall mirrors can also help in creating drama. However, to ensure their correct placement, mark the place you want to hang the mirror with a pencil along with the placement of the mirror hanger.

Locate the wooden stud behind the hanger mark and drill a hole with an electric screwdriver. Next, screw a wall clip on to the wall using a wood screw, one end of which is hammered deep into the wooden stud inside the wall. Finally, double check to ensure that the clip is firmly attached to the wall. You can now hang the mirror on it.

Creating a Faux Venetian Plaster Look

nullThe art of creating a faux Venetian plaster look is slowly regaining popularity following the surge in the number of homeowners who want to recreate the look and feel of old-world European plaster walls in their living space. You can either hire a professional or use the ‘Do-it-yourself’ kits to achieve a Venetian plaster look in your home. The second option is better if you are a little cash-strapped.

Start by applying a thin coat of the tinted Venetian plaster with a trowel. Apply a second coat after about five hours to fill any voids. Once the entire surface is covered, let it dry for an entire day. The next day, you can start sanding the surface in a circular motion to give it a polished look. You can also use a steel trowel instead of the sand paper for this process. Finish off by applying a top coat of a water-based glazing liquid for durability and protection.