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Baby Room Decoration with Feng Shui

nullWhen we consider decorating our baby room with proper Feng Shui setup, then the first thing we need to do is to place the bed of the baby in the correct position. It should be covered with a wall at least on one side rather than placing the bed in the room’s middle with no support of a wall. Sharp objects should be kept away from a baby room because in I-ching, sharp objects signify fire element and may make the baby very dynamic which will make it difficult to calm down the baby.

The lighting in a baby room should be neither too dark nor too light. Also make sure that the baby room is free from any undesirable, bad or unusual odors. This signifies the earth element which will cause disturbance in the digestive system of the baby. All in all, while decorating your baby room, make sure that it is equipped with good Feng Shui so that the baby may feel more content and you can become a better parent.