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Choosing the Right Wallpaper for the Right Room

In addition to reflecting a lot about your personality, your walls also play a major part in adding that extra touch of cosiness to your home décor. Hence, while picking up the right wallpaper for a specific room, a lot of attention needs to be paid to the details. Wallpaper can absolutely brighten up a whole room or destroy its appeal permanently. So keep certain criteria in mind while picking the right wallpaper for the right room.

The first factor that influences choosing specific wallpaper is its color. It should not only complement the various other aspects of the room, but also add that extra bit of glamour to the décor. Picking up the wrong shade might spoil the whole décor. The next factor is the pattern size. Lots of varieties among wallpapers are available for you to pick from. Thus while making your final pick consider how big your room is and which pattern will actually reflect that feel of balance. Loud pattern might stick out hence, it’s better to try a few samples before you choose the final one. You can find the vibrant ones with bold patterns and the subtle ones which reflect elegance. Pick wisely and let your new wallpapers give your room that never seen before grandeur.

The Basics Of How To Wallpaper Behind Radiators

Do you have radiator in your home? Are you having a really hard time when it comes changing to even removing the wallpaper behind the radiator? Instead of squandering a lot of your hard-earned cash in hiring a professional, you can actually do it yourself if at all you have the right ideas and tools with you all the way. If not then follow these simple basic ideas on how to wallpaper behind your radiator and save yourself a lot of money and resources.

Kick off by placing several towels around the control valve to have it under control before you shut down the entire valve. Thereafter locate where the lock shift valve is in order for you to gain access to the bleed valve so as to get rid of the excess water. At this point you should ensure all the unnecessary water in the radiator is removed before you can turn everything back on and to the way it was.

How to Strip Wall Paper

Stripping off wall paper from your wall does not have to be a difficult task especially if you have the proper tools and the knowhow of how to doing it in a simple and effective way. First remove all wall hangings and cover the floor and furnishings with a cloth.

Sample how easy the paper can come off by peeling off one side of the paper. If it comes out, continue to do this but leave out areas that seem to be engrossed to the wall. Once you have peeled off as much paper as you could, spray the remaining parts with any wall striper gel at your disposal and let it settle for fifteen or twenty minutes and use a knife to scrap it out.

If it does not come off completely, spray it again and repeat the process this time ensure you use a sponge to clean out the area and determine if the wall paper has come off completely.

Painting over Existing Wallpaper

nullFor those redecorating their homes and looking for tips to paint over their existing wallpaper, this is the place to be. Before you begin painting on your wallpaper, it is important to repair the damage areas. These include ripped, loose or damp sections and places with air bubbles underneath the wallpaper.

You can fix these easily with some glue or joint compound mix that should be applied on the seam of the wallpaper or on the entire surface in case your wallpaper is textured. This will give an even finish to the surface.

Leave the surface to dry, following which you need to smoothen it out by using a sand paper. Thereafter, you can start painting on your wallpaper, lest it is dark colored. In that case, you need to first apply a sealer that will prevent the wallpaper color to be visible through the paint. It is best to choose a high quality house paint to ensure its longevity.