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All about valance window treatments

Homes are being modernized every day. One very popular choice when it comes to windows is the valance window treatments. Here a curtain rod is present over the window giving it a very cool and contemporary look. Different kinds of materials can be chosen for valance window treatments – sheet metals, wooden planks or your favorite fabric – anything can be chosen for your personalized window design.

A very popular choice is the sunburst effect for your window valance. It just adds a complete vibrant touch and has the ability to light up any room. You can even give your window a valance treatment home all by yourself! All you will need is some fabric, whichever type you like, some thread of matching or complementary color and a sewing machine and maybe some fabric glue. Re-using some old cloth or sheets is also a good idea.

How to keep your door hinges rust free

You might spend quite a sum on your pricey hardwood door. But, if it has rusty hinges, its whole appearance can be hampered. Besides totally hampering the aesthetic appeal of any door, rusty hinges can make awful squeaking noises too. It takes hardly anytime to fix the hinges, thus give it the maintenance it requires, to keep it good as new for a longer period.

A very good way to keep your hinges rust free is by coating it with a layer of oil. Oil keeps moisture away hence preventing rust formation. This will also act as a lubricant and will keep the hinges working just perfect. Often it happens that the screws develop rust on them.

Keep some extra screws in your tool box and change the rusty ones as needed. Besides these simple maintenance guidelines, make sure that at least once a year you change your hinges or let a professional take a look at it. Thus with proper and regular maintenance, let your door hinges be completely rust free and as good as new.

Go Green with Sash Windows

nullSash windows are made from movable panels or sashes. These were found in the Victorian properties and have become a trend now in many of or homes.

In America, the hung sash windows are quite popular designs. These are made from softwood with a single glass panel of glaze. With the current improvements in manufacturing and design of sash windows, it is now possible for the common mass to have these windows in their homes.

Sash windows offer more openness and allow the greenery to enter your rooms. It is protective as well as very relaxing when you sit new the window. With some unique designs and the use of different colors, sash windows have now got a special reference in every home.

It is very easy to install these windows, whether in a new house or for a house that is being renovated. Depending on the space available, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and have the best sash windows for your home.