Choosing the Right Drapery Fabric

Drapery, Home Furnishings, Home Improvement,While giving your window a perfect look, you should beware of the kind of fabric you select. There are several factors that should be put into consideration so that each time you look at your window; you will stop for a moment to admire its elegance.

First of all, you should consider the weight of the fabric. It is upon you to decide whether you prefer a light or heavy drapery fabric.

Another factor to consider is the feel of other fabrics on the furniture, table coverings or pillows. It would be more appealing that your drapery window fabric gets to have the same texture with other fabrics in the house. You should also ensure that your drapery fabric blends with the style of your room.

The most important factor would be the color scheme in your house. The color of your drapery fabric should be in harmony with the colors in your room.

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