Decorate Your Homes with Caucasian Rugs

Caucasian Rugs, Home Furnishings, Home ImprovementCaucasian rugs are the ultimate carpet designs that can be rarely found these days. While there are many countries trying to copy these deigns, none have actually succeeded in maintaining the uniqueness of these carpets.

Caucasian rugs are typically characterized by their various predominant design patterns, heir color, knotting techniques and the weaving. In the region where Caucasian rugs are widely available you can see more tribal or ethnic richness in the rugs.

Identifying the Caucasian Carpets – Caucasian rugs have been classified into different categories like Dagestan, Baku, Gendje, Kazak, Karabakh, Talish and Shrivan. The designs are usually geometric and abstract, whilst the knots are conventionally symmetrical and dense.

Baku rugs are usually ivory and blue in color with some complex deigns and coarse knotting and weaving. Gendje are yellowish in color, pale yellow, some other pale shades of red and blue and of course white.

Different hues like violet, pinks, greens and yellows define the other categories of Caucasian rugs.

The ultimate d├ęcor for every home, indeed!

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