Flooring options for your bathroom

A lot of people overlook the aspect of flooring while redoing their bathrooms. This however is not right, as the flooring can make or break the overall look of your bathroom. Here are some of the bathrooms flooring options that are really great.

You can go green by opting for recycled tiles for your bathroom floor. Several manufacturers have introduced a recycled tiles range in the market. They are available in colors of lavender, butterscotch, khaki, apple red and rainbow amongst others. For a clean and elegant look opt for glass tiles. Depending on your style you can either go in for the big colorful ones or the small translucent ones.

If you want that classic chic look, your best bet is the hardwood flooring. Dark hardwood flooring like cherry or mahogany will look wonderful. You can brighten up the dark flooring with light colored bathroom accessories. And if you want a plush look, go for carpeting.

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