Framing Plain Bathroom Mirrors in Your Homes

nullMirror is one of the most essential fixtures in a bathroom. It is important to have a good mirror in a bathroom for both functional and decorating purposes. However, most bathroom mirrors are rather plain and come only with hooks and clips to mount them on the wall. But if you are not too keen on having a plain mirror in your bathroom, you can jazz it up yourself by framing it with PVC moldings or frames available in the market.

All you need to do is take the measurement of your mirror and buy a frame of the same dimension from a nearby store. Next, use a semi gloss color of your choice to paint the moldings of the frame and leave it to dry. Meanwhile, mark around two inches on all sides of the mirror and cover it with Velcro or a double-sided tape. Once the frame is dry, use Velcro or tape on the back of each frame to stick it to the mirror. Put some caulk at each corner to connect the moldings and cover the same with the remaining color.

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