Home Decor with picture frames

Home Decor with picture framesChanging your home’s decoration can be a long expensive process, but a new easy and affordable way is fast becoming extremely popular as far as decorating houses are concerned, This is using picture frames to jazz up any room in your house. Picture frames come in different sizes, colours and styles and a variety of these in your rooms can make them look much more appealing. Below are a few tips on how you can make use of picture frames to add zing to your home decor.

Collage Frames: This has become a bit of a trend in the recent past because of its ability to match any kind of home, be it contemporary or traditional. The pictures can be scattered or fit together like a puzzle. You can create it on your own or even go for premade collage frames. The premade ones generally come in black or wood shades and compliment a living room or a master bedroom brilliantly.

Large Frame Mural: Another innovative idea is purchasing big frames and added pictures that go by a particular theme. Large square frames can be found in most department stores and they simply need to be hung up despite their huge size. Works best for a themed room, or even for a children’s room where you can slip in pictures of your child’s favourite things such as animals, places, hobbies, people, etc.

Frame Shelf: You do not always have to hang up your frames, you can make a small shelf for only organized picture frames. Put the bigger sized frames on the topmost shelf, and then put smaller frames on the lower shelves. Put some flowers to decorate it, and you have for yourself a lovely looking shelf for your contemporary living room.
Design Refrigerators: Bored of having magnets on your fridge? Put up small picture frames for an innovative look. Just some easy glue on the back of the frame, and your fridge picture frames are ready.
So take the old albums out and start decorating.

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