Home Decorating Tips: Make Your Own Decorative Fish Net

When planning to make your own decorative fish net, the first thing that you have to do is buy the fish net and this can be done online. To add beauty to the setting, you can buy a colored net that compliments the color theme of your walls. Nets come in varying sizes and it will be up to you to make the choice of what size suits you.

Once you have the net, hang it the side of the wall that is plain and do this with some creativity. For instance, do not make hang it too tightly and you can overlap some parts of the net to make it more eye catching. If you hang it too tightly, it might hinder you on the on the number of items you intend to place on the net.

Once your net is in place, the fun part has just begun. You can pick all the plastic sea animals and items you have in your possession. The idea is to give out the impression that these items are caught in the net.

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