How to clean your swimming pool

We are always procrastinating the cleaning of our swimming pools for the two reasons that a) it is a tedious job, and b) it is one that somewhat confuses you with regard to the correct procedure. Now, you needn’t worry about either as we will help you with the following simple swimming pool cleaning techniques.

The most important things required of a pool are its sanitation and the water’s freshness. Ensuring this much only will prevent all other problems – like that of dirty swimming pools causing illnesses due to the bacteria they usually house.

Besides that, manual cleaning is mandatory. Algae and bacteria can grow on the walls of the pool which you will have to manually clean, and certain things like leaves and flowers are to be removed with the help of net. The debris and algae is removed with the help of pool vacuum and brushes. The pools are disinfected with the help of chemicals like chlorine and baquacil. Filtration is done with the help of pump and filter, and this procedure takes six to seven hours. Clean the pool and swim in good health and pure water.

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