How to do up a small living room?

small living roomAre you planning to beautify your living room but worried on space constrictions? Space is a major issue these days in most of the condos- but don’t worry as there are some proven tricks that can help you to come up with a beautiful living room. Your living chamber is the place to relax which might also double as the party hub during your private in-house parties. Thus, it’s important that you take care of the room for an inviting ambience. The post here describes how to do up a small living room.

Let’s start with the paint. When space is an issue, its better you stick to neutral or lighter shades. The dark shades can make your room appear smaller while the lighter tones are perfect to create the desired spacious feel. You can take to mint green or blue here- butterscotch would be a viable option as well. The idea is to have a color that is neither drab nor too bright. Hang a mirror on the wall as mirrors too can lead to a spacious illusion. Apart from the mirror, keep the walls as much free as possible since otherwise you would end up looking messy. If the walls are looking too bare, a small collage of your favorite snaps would fit the bill.

In regards to furniture, do not get any coffee or center table in your small living room. The living space is meant for an informal time and thus it’s better if you throw bean bags in. Futon bed would be a nice option as well. You can arrange for dual functional chairs which will double up as good storage options. Proper storage is significant for a clean look inside the room as a messy and cluttered appearance will only make the room dingy and repelling.

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