How to draw good chi in your home

home decor, home improvementChi implies energy in Chinese. According to Sino beliefs, good chi is necessary to ensure order, goodness and harmony in home. Here are certain tips to draw and maintain good chi in your haven.

First of all, you have to keep your spick and span always. A cluttered home will hinder the free flow of chi resulting in negative energy. So, keep your rooms clean and clutter free with everything in order so that the chi can move in freely. This is mostly important in case of your entryway as this is from where the chi will enter your home.
The Feng Shui experts also advise to place a water filled vessel somewhere at the center of your home. This will work to magnet positive chi. A rectangular or square shaped house would be ideal to assure positive chi in home. However, in case of L or U shaped homes, a garden or water fountain would help.

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