How to keep your door hinges rust free

You might spend quite a sum on your pricey hardwood door. But, if it has rusty hinges, its whole appearance can be hampered. Besides totally hampering the aesthetic appeal of any door, rusty hinges can make awful squeaking noises too. It takes hardly anytime to fix the hinges, thus give it the maintenance it requires, to keep it good as new for a longer period.

A very good way to keep your hinges rust free is by coating it with a layer of oil. Oil keeps moisture away hence preventing rust formation. This will also act as a lubricant and will keep the hinges working just perfect. Often it happens that the screws develop rust on them.

Keep some extra screws in your tool box and change the rusty ones as needed. Besides these simple maintenance guidelines, make sure that at least once a year you change your hinges or let a professional take a look at it. Thus with proper and regular maintenance, let your door hinges be completely rust free and as good as new.

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