How to keep your leather furniture as good as new

Leather sofas may look really attractive but they also come with high maintenance criteria. However, with these easy instructions you will find your leather sofas always looking as good as if they were brand new.

For daily cleaning, wiping with a damp cloth should do wonders. Vacuum regularly to keep off the dust. Avoid staining the leather surface with pen marks and such like, and if you do manage to still mar it, use a special leather cleanser immediately. Prevent sharp objects from spoiling the sofa and also make sure that you sofa doesn’t sit in direct sunlight – it could lead to fast fading of the colour.

Use special cleansers from time to time and a mild soap with your water for dampening the cloth occasionally. Avoid alcohol based cleansers or strong detergents for cleaning. The wrong cleanser may discolour your sofa so being careful while reading the manufacturer’s manual is mandatory. For areas of frequent use, protective creams should be used, and direct contact with the human body and sweat should be avoided. With these simple tips keeping your sofa looking brand new should not be a hard feat.

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