How to Repaint a Console Table

nullThere is furniture in your home that may need touch-ups, as they have lost their glow due to usage over a long period of time. Console table is one of the furniture pieces, that is affected quite a lot and you may need to repaint them. Repaint is not a difficult task if you can do it properly and effectively, following instructions carefully.

First thing that you need to do before you repaint your console table is remove the old paint. In order to remove the old paint, you need a solution to wipe it clean. Rub carefully on the entire table and in case it has tough spots over it, you can scrape the paint initially. Now apply primer coat for the first time and let it dry completely. If you can, then wait for 24 hours before applying the second coat. This will help the paint to fix very well and it will look new for years.

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