Give your bedroom a classy touch with Victorian lamps

Are you planning for an elegant bedroom décor? Then make it appoint to opt for the Victorian lamps since the Victorian Age is synonymous with grace and class. These lamps look the best in Gothic themes but have also carved a niche in the modern bedrooms.

The most striking feature of the Victorian lamps is the lampshades. These lampshades are highly decorated with rich embroidery, multicolor beadworks and fringes. Moreover, these lamps are durable and their rich color combinations make them perfect for any mood.

These lampshades are sometimes bordered with jewels. In case you want a romantic feel, get a shade which elaborately carved red and pink roses and bordered with green emeralds. It’s good if the lamp has a base of mahogany bronze with a gold finish. Another good example would be a peach glass lamp shade with tinted glass borders. The look can be further enhanced with jewels or clear glass parts.

Ways to keep your granite kitchen counters good as new

Granite kitchen counters always had a unique natural beauty associated with it, which has been the main reason for their success in the market. But one issue that has plagued granite kitchen counter owners is about the longevity of the product. People are often worried about how long they can make their countertops look new.

Now there are certain methods to go about, which can help you in maintaining your granite counters for a pretty long time. Firstly, regular cleanings must be carried out without fail. Try and keep the entire area as dry as possible. Eradicate water vapors completely, as it is the sole culprit behind bleaching, weathering and rusting of the granite counter tops. Also make sure sand or any other hard particles do not come in touch with the granite counters. Never even think of using local, non-neutral detergents on the counters, as it will take away the gloss from the granite surface.

Flooring options for your bathroom

A lot of people overlook the aspect of flooring while redoing their bathrooms. This however is not right, as the flooring can make or break the overall look of your bathroom. Here are some of the bathrooms flooring options that are really great.

You can go green by opting for recycled tiles for your bathroom floor. Several manufacturers have introduced a recycled tiles range in the market. They are available in colors of lavender, butterscotch, khaki, apple red and rainbow amongst others. For a clean and elegant look opt for glass tiles. Depending on your style you can either go in for the big colorful ones or the small translucent ones.

If you want that classic chic look, your best bet is the hardwood flooring. Dark hardwood flooring like cherry or mahogany will look wonderful. You can brighten up the dark flooring with light colored bathroom accessories. And if you want a plush look, go for carpeting.

Themes For Your Kids Room

The children’s room in your home is quite a creative hub. In fact you can stretch your imagination as far as you want with this room. Sticking to dull and boring themes is not a very good idea. That is because you would want to create an environment in the room that is would hold the attention of the child.

Although there are a number of themes that could be used for the children’s bedroom, the theme you pick is solely dependant on your child’s age and orientation. Some common themes for a girls’ room are the Disney Princess theme or the Barbie theme. As for boys Ben 10, Doraemon, Ninja turtles are prevalent. There are some other themes which are used for both the boy’s as well as girls room like the Winnie the Pooh and Tom and Jerry. However check out what your child likes. Try to keep the theme as broad as possible to make it flexible.

Choosing the best lighting options for your home

Choosing the best lighting options for your home can be quite tricky and therefore is a tad bit difficult. You need to remember than lighting is not only a necessity but it also plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of your house. And therefore it is vital to keep in mind a few tips when you choose the lighting options.

First you need to determine your lighting goals. For the work area opt for direct lighting whereas for ambience bank on ambient lighting. Choose the lighting according to the mood of each room of your house. You need to provide ample lighting outside your home for the purpose of security and safety. You can opt for wall sconces for the exterior.

Inside the house you need to have multiple sources of lighting for each space. If your house boasts of a modern décor you can opt for recessed lighting. You can have chandeliers in the dining space and living area. If you have kids then having night lighting in their rooms is a must.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper for the Right Room

In addition to reflecting a lot about your personality, your walls also play a major part in adding that extra touch of cosiness to your home décor. Hence, while picking up the right wallpaper for a specific room, a lot of attention needs to be paid to the details. Wallpaper can absolutely brighten up a whole room or destroy its appeal permanently. So keep certain criteria in mind while picking the right wallpaper for the right room.

The first factor that influences choosing specific wallpaper is its color. It should not only complement the various other aspects of the room, but also add that extra bit of glamour to the décor. Picking up the wrong shade might spoil the whole décor. The next factor is the pattern size. Lots of varieties among wallpapers are available for you to pick from. Thus while making your final pick consider how big your room is and which pattern will actually reflect that feel of balance. Loud pattern might stick out hence, it’s better to try a few samples before you choose the final one. You can find the vibrant ones with bold patterns and the subtle ones which reflect elegance. Pick wisely and let your new wallpapers give your room that never seen before grandeur.

Leather Furniture for Your Living Room

Leather furniture adds a touch of grandeur and aristocracy in your room like no other furniture does. Not without reason these furniture were quite expensive once upon a time. You needed to have affluence and aristocracy to own a piece of leather furniture. But those days are gone. Now you have so many varieties and types of leather furniture that you would be able buy one in your budget if you just looked in the right places.

With the development of technology, there are a number of different kinds of leather furniture like the full aniline leather or the Nubuck leather. In case you would want to know why leather furniture is so expensive you would just have to sit or recline on one, you would get your answer.

However each of these types of leather is meant to serve a different purpose, so you need to decide where and why you need to get leather furniture. In case you want to learn about the leather furniture you can look up the internet where there is no dearth of information on them.

Accessorizing Your Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is the room you end up spending most of your working hours in. That is why it is absolutely important that your kitchen is kept spic and span so that you feel good while you are working in there. However the kitchen is also one room that tends to get the messiest and a different avatar of the storage room.  That is why in order to take care of the modern look of the kitchen; you need to keep overhauling the kitchen once in a while.

The most important starting point of accessorizing your kitchen is to throw away all that you do not need.  That fruit grinder that you got from the exhibition is not one that you really use. Throw it out. Unless you throw away the entirely non-essential items collection, you will not be able to get the new accessories.  Once you clear out the kitchen, check on the internet and housekeeping magazines to see what is the current item that is in and available at a discount. Well, there is no better way to accessorize your kitchen in a modern style than getting ideas from the internet.

How to keep your door hinges rust free

You might spend quite a sum on your pricey hardwood door. But, if it has rusty hinges, its whole appearance can be hampered. Besides totally hampering the aesthetic appeal of any door, rusty hinges can make awful squeaking noises too. It takes hardly anytime to fix the hinges, thus give it the maintenance it requires, to keep it good as new for a longer period.

A very good way to keep your hinges rust free is by coating it with a layer of oil. Oil keeps moisture away hence preventing rust formation. This will also act as a lubricant and will keep the hinges working just perfect. Often it happens that the screws develop rust on them.

Keep some extra screws in your tool box and change the rusty ones as needed. Besides these simple maintenance guidelines, make sure that at least once a year you change your hinges or let a professional take a look at it. Thus with proper and regular maintenance, let your door hinges be completely rust free and as good as new.

How to keep termites off your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room by adding a lot of class and elegance to it. But a major snag associated with wooden furniture is that, if not maintained properly, they become prone to termite attacks. But few simple tricks can actually help your to keep termites away, thus keeping your wooden furniture good as new.

A simple way to keep termites away is using poison on your wooden furniture. Although quite effective, it is however not generally recommended if you have children and pets living with you.

Another effective alternative is the usage of termite baits. These termite baits are much safer than regular poisoning as these are so made that kids or pets cannot access them easily. They are relatively cost effective too hence making it a good choice. Just leave the bait where the termites have already infested and in no time you will have termite free furniture.