Reasons to Buy Berber Carpets

nullBerber carpets derive their existence from Berber tribe in North Africa. Some of he reasons to buy Berber carpets are:

• Though it is made from pure wool, it is cheaper than any other carpet and also durable.

• It is hypoallergenic and also stops growth of bacteria unlike other carpets.

• It is easily distinguishable being very unique and stylish.

• The wool loops have air filled in it, which makes them very soft. It also insulates the room and controls the temperature inside.

• Cleaning the Berber carpet is easy as stains are removed without any trouble. It is totally durable and remains new always.

• You have a choice of numerous shades like neutral, earthen, pastel, dark and so on.

• Colors and patterns are all unique and you can bet that the options in Berber carpet are more than any other carpet.

• Sub floor can be easily hidden under without repairing it.

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