Seasonal home maintenance checklist

Every season comes with its typical home maintenance tips which must be met to keep the home in its best form always. Here are some tips for your seasonal home maintenance.

In summer and spring: Firstly, check out the exterior paint of your house and look for any sign of flaking or cracks in the concrete portions. If you find any, do not delay to fill up with concrete patch preventing the further deterioration. Then, go around the crawlspaces and attic and look for fungus growth, pest, mildew and water leaks. Clean these places thoroughly. Also, make sure that that no water settles around your home.

In winter and fall: Clean the windows and paste weather-strips as these will seal the unwanted air-leaks lessening the use of furnace and heater. Clean up the down spouts and gutter and use gutter filters that prevent the debris from getting inside the gutters. Lastly, check that all the electrical appliances in your home are in proper condition as you would need these in the best condition as winter sets in.

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