Simple home cleaning tips

You build your dream home once and a lot of efforts go into this venture. But that is not the end of it! You need to take very good care of your walls, floors, furniture and fittings to keep them neat and clean.

Dusting should be done regularly with a hand duster or a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to clean mirrors first with wet paper and then dry them off. It is important to use a disinfectant when you clean your floors.

Curtains, bed spreads, cushion covers should be changed and washed at frequent intervals. Also be sure to clean all racks and shelves that you have. These accumulate a lot of dust. Your sofas also need a lot of care. Preferably, a vacuum cleaner should be used to clean all its corners.

Coming to your kitchen, always keep the chimney clean and working. This in turn will help to keep every other thing in the kitchen neat and tidy.

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