Sump pump maintenance tips

A sump pump is an excellent help to keep the water out from the basement. But make sure to take the needed steps for its maintenance to keep your house protected. Here are the tips. First of all, always place a cover on your sump basin. Then, keep a check, especially on inlet screens for debris formation and remove them if any without delay as debris can block your pump. Again, make sure to use GFI to keep yourself electrically protected if water and electricity are within same installation. Besides, check for the proper cable routing and ensure that your cable is at a safe distance from water. Then, you even need to check that your cable is pretty secured with no loose ends. Take care of the discharged pipes as many a times the discharged water might return to the sump and water test the pump to assure that float switch flexibly rises with water level. Lastly, you have to operate your pump several times to keep it working properly and yes check the valve operation frequently.

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