Tips to keep your cushion stain free

Cushions and couches are the most prominent part of your upholstery. If they get any stain or dirt on them then your reputation before of your guests is at the stake. The stains on your cushion are usually food stains made by kids or even sloppy adults.

Some stains can easily be removed by simply washing them in water or sometimes using a mild detergent. Don’t wet the fabric too much; use the detergent to make a good amount of foam. Avoid rubbing the fabric too forcefully. Then Rinse the area and use any soft substance to dry it thoroughly.

If the stain does not get removed by water then you have to take a step ahead and go for some other way. The other way includes cleaning with any solvent in which the substance of the stain is soluble. Wet the stained area with the solvent and leave it to rest for sometime and then wash and rinse it with water and dry it.

Some stains are made with dry elements and can simply be removed by vacuuming your cushions or just drying them under the sun.

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