Using Glass Jars as Decorative Vases

nullWe are almost always using glass jar that we dispose-off after use. Due to the fact that they do not rot, they are mostly left to litter the environment when they could be used in a more constructive way of maybe recycling them and using the container as beautiful vases for decorations. Because of their variety in terms of shapes, sizes and color; they make a fantastic accessory in a decoration experience. As for the uniquely shaped jars, they compliment other interior decorations nicely after doing minor restructuring on their form.

We prepare them by just removing the papers and labels in their outer part for instance by applying some adhesive remover or any other substance which can assist us on that. After that, you can know create you own arts on the vase or even wrap them with ribbons nicely or apply decorations like stickers, etches paintings or glitters on their surface.

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