What are Satsuma vases?

nullAfter a successful combat mission Himazo Yoshihiro came back with what ended up being the greatest work of art as far as pottery as a genre of artistry is concerned. Japanese were taught thereafter by the Koreans who were brought with their tools and equipment from the battle field to launch mass production of a wide range of pottery containers like vases and their decorations. This is how the Satsuma vases came in to being.

Satsuma vases are small tall vases in different shapes and sizes adorning some of the most appealing decoration in the world. Their images are particularly noticeable which are mostly images of the life and times of the 18th and 19th century. These imageries are mostly animals, flowers, plants and landscape among other figures in those centuries and are in very excellent details. These vases popularity has been attributed to the various designs that they are made of.

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