Wicker Furniture Care And Maintenance Tips

Wicker Furniture CareWicker furnishing looks really stylish whether you have them indoors or get them laid out on your patio during the in-house parties. The best part is that these are pretty durable and cost-effective. However, wicker furniture calls for some simple yet must-to-follow care tips which you should follow to ensure good life for your wicker collection. The article below lays down some essential wicker furnishing care & maintenance tips.

Regular dusting

This is really important if you have wicker furniture at home. You must know that the very open-weave pattern on wicker arrangements is quick to catch dust and dirt –hence you should carry on a dusting routine everyday. Feather dusters would work well. But if you are not into daily dusting, you are going to need a vacuum cleaning for extensive cleaning. It’s advised that you opt for weatherproof cushions to cover the base and back of the wicker pieces.

Strong cleaning

If you have got the wicker chairs and sofas laid outside for long, you must make sure to get a strong cleaning solution for them. Mix ammonia (2 tablespoon) or some strong cleaning detergent with water (one gallon) for the solution. Now, dampen a clean rag in your solution & use it to wipe up the wicker set. Rinse the furniture thoroughly. Post rinse, you have to dry up the wicker pieces with a clean dry towel. Remember to take them away from sunlight for 2-3 days and only bring back when the arrangements have dried thoroughly.

Keep away from humidity and moisture

Moisture and humidity are dangerous for wicker furniture leading to the menacing growth of mold and mildew on the chairs and sofas. Thus, if you use the wicker furniture outside, you must make sure to get them inside during the winter snowfall and rainy season.

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